Bringing a New Dog Into The Pack

Picture of my adopted Aussie Tosha

Our new girl Tosha

The past few days have been really busy around here. We’ve brought a new member into our little pack. This isn’t new to us, we have fostered a dog or two in the past, and we have always liked having at least two dogs in the house to keep each other company. But for the first time, the number of dogs in the home exceeds the number of humans. It was something we had to think about for a while before we did it. The dynamics and the demands can really change when you exceed the one dog per person to handle them, ratio. Add to that the fact that our new girl, Tosha, is coming from a hoarding situation, plus we now have two female dogs, and we could be in for an interesting break in period.

For the most part everything is working out fine. The two girls are going to have some issues, but it is something they will be able to work out on their own (yes they are both spayed). I can already see some behavior in Tosha that is a result of her coming from a hoarder. She has mastered the art of the body block to clear space around her, and she is a bit of a guarder. She has almost zero training. I don’t think that she has ever been on a leash before, and she has no sit, down, or stay. But she is well socialized to people and other dogs, and she is housebroken. Even though there will be some challenges with Tosha, they are not unexpected. My wife and I knew to expect things like this before we adopted her, and we are committed to keep her in our home for the duration.

So when you make the commitment to add to your pack, make sure you do your research, have a plan for introducing your new family member, and above all get ready to enjoy!

Here are some links to help you plan bringing your new packmate home.

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