Holiday Pet Photo Contest

My dog Gavin posing with antlers on his head

A ham, dressed as a dog, posing as a reindeer

For most people that celebrate Christmas, it’s the time of year for peace, joy, and goodwill. But for many of our dogs, Christmas means something very different— humiliation by costume!

Festooned with antlers, red noses, elf boots, and other assorted holiday paraphernalia, dogs are paraded back and forth in front of the camera, all the while being encouraged not to look miserable while doing it.

Thinking back to my childhood days, I can empathize with these dogs. Trotting back and forth between the changing room and my mother— posing while she appraised the ridiculous outfit she’d picked for me to wear. I tried to look as sad and pathetic as I could, trying to convince her that making me wear something like that was the highest form of child abuse!

Although I empathize with their plight, even my own dogs have been subjected to this particular torture as well.  The wallpaper on my wife’s phone is a picture of my Aussie Gavin wearing Reindeer antlers. He seems to be happy in this picture but I know the mitigating circumstances behind it…

  1. He is an Aussie and therefore a natural camera hog
  2. He knows that a treat awaits, and being an Aussie will do just about anything for food

In order to make this annual humiliation worthwhile, the good people at Mambo Sprouts along with Wellness pet food are sponsoring a holiday photo contest. In addition to awarding prizes, Wellness will donate $1 per entry (up to $1000) and the grand prize entry will get to choose the animal related charity which Wellness will donate to.

For more information, and to enter your own photos, you can go to the contest website at Just remember to tell your pet, it’s for charity!

So what’s your verdict— is this just cute, harmless holiday fun— or is it leading to years of psychotherapy from which your dog may never recover? Tell us what you think! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Kevin, Jackie, Gavin, Annie, and Tosha