Little Boy Lost

Little boy lost, Elbee

Elbee is lost no more

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ~ John Lennon

I was reminded of this quote today upon my arrival home from lunch with my wife. I certainly wasn’t planning on bringing a new dog into my home; but when this little dog spotted my van turning into my driveway, he bolted up the road after me. When I got out of the van the little dog crawled over to me on his belly, ribs and other bones clearly showing. I could see that he was emaciated and that he had several bite marks on him. He was shaking all over and obviously had not eaten in many moons. So once again life has stepped in and changed my plans.

With three other dogs and limited space right now. My wife and I really don’t have the room or resources to adopt him right now. But we’re dog people and cannot just give him to a shelter and forget it.

We have to isolate him right now so that our other dogs are exposed to any health issues he might have. He has a very sweet disposition and really seems to like people. I will not let him meet my other dogs until vet checked, but he seems geniuenly interested & friendly towards them. All in all a sweet boy that needs a helping hand.

So he will be fed, kept warm, and given companionship with us for now. Monday we will take him to a vet so we can see what other health issues he has. We will check to see if he has been reported as lost, but will treat him as our own until we can either place him with a good rescue or find him his 4-ever home. As I told some of my Twitter friends today, we’re dog people. What else can we do?

Despite tough economic times, I know that we are not unique and there are many other people out there right now that are doing the exact same thing. On behalf of dogs like this everywhere, thank you for what you do.

I will post updates on the little guy over the next few days and keep you updated on how he’s doing.


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