Book Review: Am I Boring My Dog? By Edie Jarolim

Worry is part of the human condition, and it is something we seem to excel at. When we are put into unfamiliar situations and feel out of our depth, it’s amazing the questions that can wander through our minds. Enter Edit Jarolim, her significant canine other, Frankie, and their wonderful book, “Am I Boring My Dog? (And 99 Other Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew).”

Written mostly for those considering adding a dog to their house and new dog owners, even veteran dog owners like me can pick up tidbits from this book. Covering 100 questions, from irreverent ones like “How should I refer to my relationship with my dog?” (I had no idea what a SCO was), to serious ones like “How much – and how often – should I feed my dog?” (A question I’m sure your dog has interest in), Edie’s congenial style and sharp wit make this a fun and informative read. Chock full of great resources and some pretty clever insights, make sure to pay attention to the footnotes, they alone are worth the price of admission. So if you’ve ever wondered if you’re dog will hate you if you dress him up, this is the book for you.

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