Week In Review – Week Ending 03/27/2009

Dachshund wearing over-sized glasses

I'm opting for contacts next time.

It’s been a busy week around here and Elbee continues to settle into his new home. Even though we are a thoroughly dogified home with Gavin, Annie, and Tosha already in residence, bringing a new dog into the mix always provides some lifestyle changes. For instance our other dogs are all herding dogs (to one degree or another) and have a similar play style when it comes to their stuffed toys. They will all eviscerate them from time to time but leave the stuffing & squeaky intact. Elbee, being a terrier mix, considers the squeaky a delicacy and will try to ingest it.

Another thing that can change over time is your dog’s response to a recall. Sometimes it seems that come when called is becoming more and more optional for them. This article from our friend Angela Adams of fun4fido entitled 10 Tips To Help Prevent Recall Problems can go a long way in helping you identify and prevent the lag time between recall & return.

One of the things that Jackie and I hope to do more of is travel across the country with our pets. Our friends Rod & Amy Burkert along with their dogs Ty & Buster are on the road in the GoPetFriendly.com Winnebago and visited Charleston SC this week and are now on their way to Savannah GA. You can follow their adventures on theGoPetFriendly Blog and you can research and plan your own trip on theGoPetFriendly.com website.

Over at Doggy Bytes our friend & raw feeding advocate Jim McBean tells us the story of The Terror of Cowichan Valley, a feral dog who raw diet put him at odds with local sheep farmers.

The Best Secondary Reinforcer of All…” is a post from our friend, trainer & behaviorist Jaqi Bunn of DogPsyche UK and reminds us that even though a clicker can be our friend, our voice, facial expressions, and enthusiasm are important reinforcers to our dogs.

This coming week we have a very special Woof Wednesday guest, dog and exotic animal trainer Peta Clarke. Peta’s article is entitled How To Win Dogs and Influence Eagles. We really think this is an article you’ll not want to miss, here is a excerpt:

Good relationships are the foundation of a happy life. Those of us who consider our dogs’ friends and even family know the immense value that comes from just having them around. Coming home to bright eyes and waggling bodies can make even the toughest of days brighter through no other reason that the way they make us feel when in their presence.
All those years of domestication give us an animal that has a longer socialization period than its forbearers and who will form strong bonds with humans with very little exposure. Dogs basically come programmed to adore us, seeing us as virtual superheroes with very little effort on our part. And is that not what being a friend is about? Making us feel loved and worthy of that love no matter what.

We hope you will join us this Wednesday for this fascinating article by Peta.

And finally as this week comes to a close, we invite you to help shape the coming weeks and months ahead. Tell us what you want to see here on DLD. What topics are you interested in? Where could we do a better job? We are really working hard to deliver helpful and reliable information for you and your dogs.


Kevin, Jackie, Gavin, Annie, Tosha, Elbee