Book Review – A Guide to Living With & Training a Fearful Dog

I think that many of my readers would agree the instinct to protect and help animals appearing to be distressed runs deep within us. In fact, the surest way I know to get a collective “aww” from a group of dog lovers is to show them a picture of a dog looking fearful. Our heartstrings are plucked and we want to reach out to the dog and  somehow communicate that we are going to make everything all right and that fear is needless around us. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. As I wrote in my post, A Fearful Dog Speaks, “I may never be the dog you want me to be. Despite all your best efforts and intentions I may never be the dog that you envision. But I can promise you that the victories we share, both large and small, will feel like nothing else in the world.

Fearful dogs present a special challenge in which, not only are our training skills challenged, but our emotions, patience, and perhaps even our vanity as well. That’s why I am very happy that my friend and fearful dog advocate/trainer Debbie Jacobs has written a new book on the subject called A Guide to Living With & Training a Fearful Dog.

Debbie is always seeking to educate people about fearful dogs and with this book she excels at it. From chapters that lay out the reality of living with a fearful dog, to specific techniques, to medications; Debbie lays out a great road map for people and their fearful dogs. As an owner of a fearful dog myself, I can attest to much of what is said in this book and cannot recommend it highly enough. If you own a fearful dog or just want to understand them a bit better, then this is definitely is a book for you.

You can find Debbie’s book through this link on Amazon, or you can visit her website directly where you have the option to order a PDF version at


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