A Forever Home

It’s never truly quiet here. Present in the moment when sound abates, the ringing in our ears stand shadow to the din. Our voices petition a redress of grievances both past and present with a single remedy— a forever home.

It always seems cloudy here. The view barred and captive of routine. The vistas beyond sharpen when we close our eyes. Imagining— a forever home.

The air weighs heavily upon us here.  A bouillabaisse of hope, fear, and uncertainty ferment the air and assault our noses. The smell of familiar people carried on the wind from— a forever home.

The taste of life is bland here. Love’s labor is practiced by people working to make our life a reason to celebrate, the flavor of— a forever home.

The touch of uncertainty is heavy here. Living things reaching out to each new visitor. A collective wish hangs on each stroke of fur— a forever home.

The greatest gift you can give any pet is a forever home. If you’re planning on bringing a new pet into your home, please visit your local animal shelter and provide a happy ending for pets and shelter workers everywhere.

Thank you,

Your friends at Dog Lover’s Digest

One thought on “A Forever Home

  1. *sniffle* That was beautiful and I am not being facetious either. We are so pleased to have been able to offer a forever home to our beautiful, sweet and slightly needy shelter dog, Rosie. I know she knows that we love her and hopefully, over time, she’ll realize that this is the end of the road, her forever home and that we’ll never, ever abandon her. (Rosie suffers from mild/mod separation anxiety).

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