Sources of Anxiety in Dog Lovers

  • Looking over to see your dog chewing on something where there is nothing to chew.
  • After turning your back for just a moment, you find your Chihuahua at your Great Dane’s food bowl and vice versa.
  • Finding your Velcro dog locked in the closet because you were in a rush to leave the house.
  • You come home to find your stash of Sweet Tarts missing and your dog zipping around like Speedy Gonzales.
  • Your spouse throws the dog and human towels together in the same wash cycle.
  • Deciding on effective flea and tick medication that’s not a known carcinogen.
  • Carpeting vs. Linoleum
  • Discovering that your male dog is the humping champion at doggie daycare.
  • Discovering that your female dog is the humping champion at doggie daycare.
  • Discovering a 1mm gap between your backyard fence and the ground.
  • Any change in formulation of your current dog food.
  • Hearing about another pet related recall.
  • Being the owner of 3 labs and discovering you’re out of tennis balls.
  • Hypothesizing as to why your house slippers are damp on the inside.
  • Hunting season has just opened in the woods where you walk your dog.
  • Any situation where clean, black attire is required.
  • Finding out your local pet store no longer carries your dog’s favorite toys & treats.
  • Discovering that your dog has actually taught you more tricks than you’ve taught them.
  • Watching Animal Cops
  • Listening to Sarah McLachlan’s Arms of an Angel.
  • Showing up to your beginning agility class with your Basset Hound and finding nothing but Border Collies.
  • Not having a septic stick in the house when it’s time to trim your dog’s nails.
  • That crawling sensation you get when you discover a tick on a dog that’s lying in bed with you.
  • Hearing someone say the words “dogs just love me” as they make smoochy noises and approach a dog you told them not to.

As always, we know there are many other anxiety causing situations for dog lovers out there. Let us know some of yours.

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3 thoughts on “Sources of Anxiety in Dog Lovers

  1. What I see in class where men’s eyes glaze over is to do with “voice” – it is just not natural to have a high-pitched happy voice and in reality I don’t think it is necessary. I ask men to just smile when they are giving a cue or directive, it will keep their tone exactly where it should be and not compromise looking silly. It is like talking on the phone, if you smile your voice sounds different, happy, encouraging naturally. And smiling also helps your dog “want to work for you”. I don’t know, but things seem to change at that point.

    Constructive criticism goes far and never degrading or putting sexism innuendo into the training is of course a given. I can’t believe some trainers do that – as a woman I certainly wouldn’t be back if someone said something like that to me. Trainers can do well to “communicate” properly with whomever comes into class – men, women, children, etc.

    Can’t wait for part four to round this series out!


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