Thoughts on the Southern Storms

As I sit here typing on my front porch taking in the warmth of the sun, a pair of doves are dancing on the tin roof of the house next to me. Both the warmth of the sun and the sound of pigeons remind me that I am lucky to be here.

As I am sure most of you know, the southern United States was host to a violent string of storms who’s devastation seems both complete and yet untold. The loss of life has been great and the lives of all animals human or otherwise has been altered profoundly.

My wife and our 4 dogs huddled in a small closet like space more than once last night, listening for the sounds that might have changed our lives forever. We were spared any serious damage and suffered only frayed nerves, loss of sleep, and minor property damage.

As I watch the video and see the images of what can only be described as the annihilation of cities and towns throughout the south, I am embarrassed to even say I was inconvenienced at all. There are no words for the kind loss I have seen.

Many of you know that I am an atheist and have no belief in God. However, when faced with thoughts and feelings such as these, I want to say to all those affected by the storms, God bless you; and to those who were not affected, God bless you as well.

I am a humanist and I see in you the ultimate expression of the reason we are here; to help our fellow beings in times both good and bad. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts today, they are well received.