You may be a Dog Lover if…

  • You base your decision to purchase a new car on whether or not the back seat folds completely flat.
  • The amount of dog fur in your lint trap has resulted in a fine from the fire department.
  • You carpet over your carpet with linoleum.
  • You can tell your dogs apart simply by listening to them drink.
  • You’re complimented on your fabulous Angora sweater while wearing a sweatshirt.
  • You’ve ever substituted dog biscuit crumbs for bread crumbs.
  • You’ve used the excuse “My dog ate my homework” and it’s actually true.
  • Half the cabinet space in your kitchen is devoted to dog treats.
  • You have a separate washer and dryer for dog towels.
  • You know that a Thundershirt isn’t a souvenir from an AC/DC concert.
  • Your spouse prefers the dog house because there is more room and less cover stealing.
  • Your jacket pockets smell like hot dog.
  • You color coordinate your wardrobe to match your dog.
  • You can’t remember the name of your own doctor but have your vet on speed dial.
  • You’ve argued with a hotel over how much your dog weighs.
  • You spell verbs rather than saying them out loud.
  • You’ve been in a fist fight over what type of dog leash to use.
  • You know that counter conditioning has nothing to do with woodwork.
  • You define BSL as bullshit legislation.
  • The only cookie cutters in your house are shaped like dog biscuits.
  • You definition of DAP has nothing to do with respect.
  • When you think of Kong you don’t picture a gorilla.
  • You have red stars on your calendar to mark the days your local store gets their shipment of lint rollers.
  • You consider slobber a high compliment.
  • The phrase most often muttered in your sleep is “What have you got in your mouth?”
  • You know more about vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning products than Consumer Reports

Of course we know you have more and we’d love for you to share them here.


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11 thoughts on “You may be a Dog Lover if…

  1. Oh my, these are all so very true 🙂 Except dog biscuit crumbs instead of bread crumbs, mostly because I don’t do a lot of cooking. Still may wind up happening though!

  2. We actually made decisions on what 5th wheel RV and big dually truck to buy, over 100,000$ worth of decision, on how our furbabies could ride in the truck + how their crates would fit in the RV! Guess we are dog lovers; ain’t it grand!

  3. You call the dog-sitter 15 minutes after leaving the check that the dog is okay. Did that yesterday. *grin*

  4. You left one off – tasting dog treats. I bought these carob covered Whopper-like dog treats that had nothing but human-grade ingredients and they looked so good that I ate some. They were really delicious (my dog enjoyed them too). :-0

  5. *You think BSL is Blind & Stupid legislation. *You can meet a stranger & within minutes bond within over your love of dogs When as soon as you wake you know you have to let the dog out. *You move home & check the garden is big enough for your dog to have play space. *You will fight tooth & nail to save a dog in every shaggy dog story that comes your way

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