Have you let your Dog be a Dog Today?

Sunday’s guest post by the wonderful Kelly Gorman Dunbar raised a very valid point about our dogs. Even an animal that has been hanging around us for fifteen thousand years still needs to act more like a dog than a human. However, many of the things that make a dog a dog annoy us and there’s the rub.

Chewing, chasing, barking, marking, sniffing, and rolling in things that would make a Billy Goat puke are just a few of the things that dogs love but we consider less than desirable. Watching the reaction of some owners to their dogs rudeness in public— you would think that their daughter had just chugged a beer, belched for a minute straight, and then shouted “Pull my finger!” at her cotillion ball.

Chewing, chasing, barking and all those other behaviors I mentioned above are required for the mental and physical health of our dogs. They need an outlet for behaviors that have been hardwired into them long before they ever begged a piece of popcorn.

So the next time you’re out for an evening stroll and your dog sniffs another dog’s butt, don’t frown and pull them away, smile and be happy that you’ve allowed them a little piece of normalcy in a world not of their own devise.




3 thoughts on “Have you let your Dog be a Dog Today?

  1. Indeed! Love to see my dogs being dogs (though the washing off of fox poo isn’t the most fun part).

    Would rather love to be a dog (in a nice home) for a day myself!


  2. Thanks for this reminder on what is important to our four-legged friends.

    Hundreds of chew toys in pet supply shops tempt a dog lover to bring home a new one just to see the look on their dog’s face, which would be something like, “Really? For me? Thanks a million.”

    Sydney, our rescued cocker spaniel// poodle relishes chicken wrapped rawhide. He will work on one for an hour then carry the gnawed leftover to “bury” in a sofa or the garden.

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