When is it Time to say Goodbye… to a Woobie?

For the love of a good woobie.

No matter how much Lucy complained and criticized, Linus was not about to give up that blanket. It’s a situation familiar to us as dog lovers. At some point in time, our dog’s favorite toy will wear out. From constant chewing & tugging, to the acid like dissolving capabilities of dog saliva, the woobie doesn’t stand a chance.

My fearful girl Annie develops an extreme attachment to her soccer balls. As I related in “Sometimes Being a Dog Lover Means…” her current soccer ball has been subjected to more than just the ravages of time. In fact it has been condemned by the local health department.


But how do you tell this face that the love of her life is not much longer for this world? To be sure, she will mourn its passing. Every time my wife or I come home she will wander from room to room looking for it. When she goes out to play she will search under every rock and high place. She will even miss its companionship when she goes to the bathroom.

Eventually she will accept that her old woobie has passed on and she will reluctantly start the process of creating a relationship with her new woobie. I haven’t the heart to tell her that someday, this to shall pass.

RIP soccer ball. You have made my little girl happy!

Time to depart this world.