Dog Lovers Understand

I haven’t blogged for a few days now, because, to put it mildly, my brain is totally knackered. Feeling the need to recharge my batteries a bit, Friday afternoon, I tried to fit some kayak fishing in between the thunderstorms we’ve had every hour on the hour for the past couple of weeks.

Paddling for about half an hour through a stiff breeze and 1 to 2 foot chop, I finally reached a nice little inlet where I practiced bobbing and casting as the fish watched in amusement. Even though I was being mocked by the denizens of that particular inlet, I was able to relax and even the mosquitos saw fit to leave me alone with my thoughts.

Despite all the relaxing input from Mother Nature, I still felt a tiny pang of guilt that I had left my dogs at home. Like me, they had suffered from being inside too much because of the storms, so I decided to make for the take out and spend the rest of the evening being slobbered upon, barked at, and generally abused and amused.

As I drove home I decided to call Jackie and see if she wanted me to bring her some dinner as she was working her normal evening shift. While talking with her, she told me her store (she manages a pharmacy for a large chain) was being robbed. She asked me to call 911 and promptly hung up.

I floored my van and called the robbery in to 911 as I hurriedly made my way to her store; a ten minute drive that seemed like an hour. I was somewhat relived as I pulled up to the store and saw only one cop car and people going in and out of the store, obviously no one was hurt.

I went up to the office where Jackie was with the police and helped her for the next hour or so as she dealt with the aftermath, she is used to it by now as her store has been robbed four times in the past 6 years— a sad commentary on what you have to get used to in the retail industry these days.

After the action had died down a bit I asked Jackie if she still wanted me to get her something to eat. She had understandably lost her appetite for the moment but reminded me that I was going home to play with the dogs. She figured that they might as well have a good evening even if ours was mucked up.

So I did what dog lovers do, I went home and played with the dogs. While some may see this as a bit odd, I’m sure that as dog lovers, you understand.

Here’s hoping that all animals and animal lovers alike, have a better week this week than they did the last.



8 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Understand

  1. Glad Jackie’s OK. That’s a pretty scary thing to go through, even if it’s not the first time.

    • Thanks, Amy. I think Jackie was more upset about the fact that she wasn’t that upset if you know what I mean.

      The first robbery at her store was very bad. The robber had a shotgun and shot at people and took hostages. Nobody in the store was physically harmed except for the robber. This one was very tame by comparison.

  2. Yes, as a pet lover, I completely understand. One of the aspects of pet ownership I find most comforting is that they provide a great place to focus your consciousness when the outside world is pinging a bit too roughly on it. Pets are the ultimate redirects 🙂

  3. Spot on. We always, rightly, feel the guilt and anyway we mostly prefer being at home with them anyway!

  4. Sorry to hear about all this; glad everyone’s ok. When in doubt, it’s always good to take care of yourself and your loved ones — including your dogs, which of course is one way to take care of yourself.

  5. So true. And there is nothing better than getting down on the floor for a game of tug of war after getting home from a bad day at work. I seriously wonder what I would do without them! One of my favorite games with them is to just start to pretend sneez. After awhile they both get in the act and we are all bobbing our heads up and down pretend sneezing. I don’t know why, but it always makes me left.

  6. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad Jackie and everyone else is okay. And I’m glad the dogs were able to help you take your mind off things. When you have a bad day, nothing fixes it faster than dog slobber.

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