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USDA Canine Food Pyramid -Categories include 'Dog food', 'Plants' grass & weeds', 'Furniture, shoes, etc...', 'Litter box by-products', 'Cat food', 'Toys (dog & otherwise), 'Stuff found on the floor') - An Andertoons Cartoo

An Andertoons Cartoon

If you are like me, then you worry about what your dogs eat. Not that I lose sleep over the whole raw vs. kibble vs home cooked vs. mass produced debates. There’s more trash talk there than there was between Suge Knight and Vanilla Ice. What I am talking about is the choices my dogs make to supplement their own diet.

Tosha makes some of the more disturbing choices in supplementation. She is especially fond of frozen poop-sicles. More than once I’ve let her inside the house only to find that I didn’t do such a good job on poop patrol. To her credit she smiles and offers to share when I confront her.

Gavin is awfully found of rotten apples and pears that make their way to the ground. He scrums with the bees, wasps, and yellow jackets for the sticky-sweet rotten goodness.  Being an Aussie and the first of our current group, Gavin feels that he is royalty and entitled to anything and everything. Should anyone consume food in his presence without offering him some first, he gives his “We are not amused” look.

Annie is our shy girl and would probably best be described as a reincarnation of Richard Lewis. Seeing danger in everything, her food must be interesting enough to hold at bay all the apocalyptic events that wait around every corner. Fortunately for us, chicken seems to be more effective a management tool than a SSRI. In fact we don’t need our iPhone to find the closest McDonalds with Annie about; if there is a Chicken McNugget within 50 miles, Annie can find it.

And finally, there’s our orphan boy, Elbee. He truly embodies Oliver Twist as he’s perfected that “Please Sir, I want some more” look whenever he finishes his dinner. In fact, he seems to think he’s still a starving stray and will groom every fiber of our carpeting in hopes of uncovering a lost morsel. Unfortunately the extra fiber ingested in the form of dog fur requires that a bit of pumpkin makes its way into his approved daily rations.

We’d love to hear about the ways in which your dogs choose to supplement their diet and fill out their food pyramid.

I’d like to thank Mark Anderson of for the use of his clever cartoons. He has some truly funny takes on dogs and a collection of his dog cartoons can be found at here.



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  1. Sydney, our shelter adopted coca-poo, helps himself to whatever falls as I chop vegetables. Of course, he loves slices of carrots and apples, but he’s picky about a few vegetables, preferring our fresh garden snow peas and zucchini. And he’s not the only dog we’ve parented who can’t get enough grass, all kinds, weeds and seeds.

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