Who’s a PITA?

I know you are but what am I?

I love my dogs, but sometimes they’re a real pain in the ass. They insist on acting like dogs all the time! You would think that as long as we’ve been together, they would know the little peculiarities that accompany this particular biped. Yet after all these years together, my inquires and objections are met with the same insouciant attitude and feigned surprise as the day they arrived on my doorstep.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. My dogs assure me that I am just a big a pain as they are and that human behavior is not above reproach in our little universe of enlightened beings.

They point out to me that things like wiping your feet before coming into the house and leaving things like tree branches and fragrant carcasses outside are unique perspectives in the animal kingdom. Where every other animal on the face of the planet acts one way, we act in opposition.  We are the ultimate contrarians.

So the next time I get my nose out of joint because my dogs are doing doggy like things, I guess I should consider that at least I get to pick and choose when and where I take a bath.



4 thoughts on “Who’s a PITA?

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Who is PITA? Pita is my favorite kind of bread and it’s also something that my dogs want stop begging for, no matter how many times I explain that this is people food and dogs don’t need to be eating it.

    I know exactly what you mean by expecting your dog to behave like a “civilized” human. I, for one, get completely bent out of shape when my dogs lick their private parts in front of company and it actually embarrasses me. “Have they no shame!”

    Civil human, me.


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