Prescription for a Happy Dog – Take a Hike!

Inertia is a bitch, a bastard, and the bane of a positive frame of mind. A psychiatrist once told me that the best medicine he could prescribe did not come from a pharmaceutical company, it came from getting off your ass and taking a walk first thing in the morning no matter what. He reasoned that in evolutionary terms we are still just a step removed from our hunter gathering selves. The intake of fresh air and light coupled with the exertion of the walk get our minds in the right frame for the day to come.

I won’t be hypocritical here and tell you that I have practiced this every day since he told me, but I have done it enough to know that it does make a difference.  I see it as a way to clear the cobwebs and allow the possibilities of the day to percolate.

Now imagine you’re a dog. Your brain is hardwired to explore all the smells, sights, and sounds that the great outdoors has to offer; yet your opportunities to experience these things are limited to the times that nice biped decides that all the omens bode well. Winter is coming and the number of opportunities for a walk has fallen back along with the clock and the thermometer. Yet you are still expected to obey the rules of the house and keep your natural energy level and curiosity in check. Sounds like a raw deal doesn’t it?

Taking your dog for a walk outside the confines of its daily boundaries is a great way to stack the deck in your favor when it comes to having a well behaved and well balanced dog, not to mention the benefits enjoyed by the human along for the ride.

Take your dog for a walk today, I guarantee they will do something to make you smile.