Walk Like a Geisha to Save Your Ass

Being a successful dog owner means that you have to acquire many skills in order to live in harmony with your four legged friends; one of the most important that I can think of is the ability to walk like a Geisha.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing and a sign of high moral character, mastering the Geisha walk will literally save your ass.

Imagine you have two bowls of piping hot soup and you have to get from the kitchen to the dining room. In your way is a pack of soup craving dogs whom you adopted from the local shelter that in turn seized them from the Soup Nazi. What do you do?

Attempting your normal nonchalant stroll is a clear invitation to a broken tailbone and a face full of hot soup. The Geisha walk is your only chance at arriving in the dining room with the soup and your tailbone intact.

Another reason for the Geisha walk is subterfuge. Suppose you are trying to sneak something past your dogs without being noticed. If you commonly practice the Geisha walk, you will be able to successfully smuggle the contraband past your pack in a manner much like that depicted in the video below.

So next time you enter your front door with a handful of groceries, remember that the Geisha walk is the best way ensure they make it to the refrigerator safely.

Cheers, and have a great week.


One thought on “Walk Like a Geisha to Save Your Ass

  1. I would have to vote for learning to balance a tray on your head.
    On the other hand, my sheltie actually knows that “Move” means he is supposed to do something.

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