Success in the New Year

A great success at making us smile

Jackie was watching one of those DIY shows when I woke up this morning where they come in and stage your house to make it more appealing to potential buyers. They showed them in fast forward mode as they moved the furniture around. Whenever they moved a couch or chair, a dog would appear and promptly (how else in fast forward?) removed any traces of popcorn and potato chips from underneath the couch.

As dog lovers, we know that this scene plays out all across the world hundreds of times a day with the same amusement. In a world where people often feel they have remake themselves to succeed, it’s great to have something in your life that succeeds in making us smile just being what it was meant to be.

Cheers and the happiest of new years!

The gang at Dog Lover’s Digest

One thought on “Success in the New Year

  1. It’s even better when they tell you that you need to move the sofa because there’s something under it 🙂

    Happy new year to you & yours

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