Back Off! Please?

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Believe it or not, there are dogs out there that don’t want to meet you or your dog, even if you and your dog are the most amiable beings on the planet. For some dogs there is no Dr. Doolittle effect.

As the owner of fearful and reactive dogs I can’t count the number of times scenes like the one depicted in this excellent poster by Lili Chin of have played out. People always seem to think that they and their dogs are exceptions to the rule.

But the plain and simple truth is that some dogs need space; more than most. In their world they have two options when faced with an interloper, run away, or act aggressive and risk a fight.

So the next time you are out, and you see another dog, remember how you feel when someone comes into your personal space uninvited.

Lili Chin has kindly made this and many other training illustrations available on her outstanding website,



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