Bath Day in a Multi-Dog House

When it’s bath day in a multi-dog household, there are several things you can count on:

  • All dogs will try to disappear at the first sign of the dreaded doggy bath towels
  • Their first attempt at invisibility will involve trying to stuff themselves into some hole for which they are too big.
  • Their second attempt at hiding will attempt inverse Bugblatter Beast logic. The dog will pretend that it can’t see you and therefore assume that you can’t see it.
  • After invisibility inevitably fails and the dog is apprehended, the sad and pitiful face gambit is employed.
  • Once in the tub, you will be able to witness all the stages of grief on their faces.
  • After the bath and the initial toweling off, a good roll on the ground is in order followed by many more.
  • Nervous energy will abound and once all dogs have been bathed there will be much barking; rivaled only by the sniffing and humping.
  • Any attempts to comb out the long haired hippy type dogs will be met with looks of incredulity
  • Anything you do for the remainder of the day will be met with suspicion.
  • The first chance the dogs get to go outside will result in a roll in the slinkiest thing they can find.
  • The more technically adept of the dogs will mark the date on their calendar app so they can scoff at you should you decide they need another bath this year.
  • Your food will taste like dog fur for the remainder of the day.
  • Your partner may have to lint roll you after you’ve had your own bath and a chance to dry.

Enjoy your next bath day!