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I don’t think I would raise too many eyebrows if I were to say that dogs are the ultimate entrepreneurs. They take what life gives them they find their passion and they pursue it with zeal. Whether by serendipity or sublime coincidence, their owners often seem to share these traits.

The business of dogs provides plenty of opportunities for dog lovers to test the maxim that loving what you do means you never have to work another day in your life. Veterinarians, trainers, walkers, clothing makers, food producers, and just about any other dog related activity you can think of, provide avenues for dogs and their owners to walk down together.

A clothing company called Green Monster has been infected by that entrepreneurial bug and is looking to make a big splash at Super Zoo 2012, a large, national pet retailer show.

Inspired by a JRT named The Green Monster, the company describes itself as “a home-based, dog-centric company focused on creating functional and expressive dogwear that remains true to the “dog-ness” in our best friends.”

Their impetus is to create dogwear that defies conventional costume style and conform to canine anatomy in a way that doesn’t interfere with running, jumping, peeing, or whatever else your dog needs to do during its busy day.

In order to meet their goal of being a big dog at the Super Zoo, Green Monster is trying to raise money via their site on Kickstarter. Your donations can not only help another dog centric business launch itself, it can net your dog some cool swag to boot.

To find out more about Green Monster, head on over to their website at; you can also go directly to their Kickstartet site for more information.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this company, Kevin. Their designs are great and I plan on contacting Jessica & Haley about possibly featuring some on our website. They are really cute and unique…thanks again!

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