Doggy Showers

I quipped on Facebook today that there is no joy quite like that of bathing the loser of a “who can pee over this spot first” contest. I later corrected my statement because in doggie terms, it’s usually the winner of that particular contest who is showered with praise.

Now while I often advocate for the freedom of dogs everywhere to act, well, like dogs, there are times I wish they would at least check with me before they indulge. In my house, when it comes to the peeing game it’s usually Tosha who is the winner while Elbee heaps praise upon her. Now to be fair it’s not all Elbee’s fault; in this case, it takes three to tango.

Many of us that own more than one dog, especially those that have more than one of the same gender, are privy (bad pun intended) to the mad dash that often ensues to mark over each other’s pee spots. For those of you not familiar with this, think of the old movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and you’ll get the picture.

At my house the game starts when Annie does her business. This is the equivalent to the starter’s pistol going off at a 100 yard dash. My other girl, Tosha, is often lying in ambush so she can pop a squat directly over top of where Annie goes. Tosha was rescued from a hording situation and insists on marking over top of all other dogs, other females in particular.

Our street urchin, Elbee, was intact when we took we offered him room and board. We wanted to wait a while before neutering him so he could convalesce from his time on the street. He was already a practiced hand at leaving pee-mail, and his attitude toward peeing was (and still is) vaguely reminiscent of Nuke LaLoosh, announcing his presence with authority. Unfortunately, because Tosha squats and Elbee stands, her winning dash is sometimes rewarded with Elbee showering her with praise.

And of course, all this activity affords us the ultimate joy of dog ownership, washing things that would make a Billy goat puke, off of our dogs; at least that’s their understanding.

Enjoy your dogs every day, because they most certainly are going to enjoy you.