The Elephant in the Room

There is an elephant in the room and my dogs are definitely talking about it; I guess to be more accurate, it’s in my neighbor’s yard. I asked Tosha and Elbee what kind of an elephant they thought it was and they couldn’t tell if it was African or Asian but whichever species, it was it was up to no damn good! They asked if I knew what kind it was, I told them “The kind that holds pottery.”

I must admit I was baffled by it at first. I assumed it was a bird bath but on closer inspection I discovered it to be a planter.

To be honest I didn’t even notice it when it first stampeded into our neighborhood. Tosha and Elbee trumpeted its arrival one day by suddenly barking and growling as if they’d seen signs of the zombie apocalypse. It took a while for my eyes to spot what they were barking at. After all, the bloody thing was at least 150 yards away and the size of, well, a bird bath or planter.

I’ve tried to assure them that it’s not a real elephant or a zombie and that it most likely would not try to eat them or steal their Kongs but they didn’t believe me. In fact the rouge elephant has been here all summer and has yet to take an offending dump in our yard let alone move one inch away from where I first saw it, but you can’t tell Elbee and Tosha that.

And although they don’t run out the door and bark at it at the top of their lungs anymore, they still suddenly turn towards it for no apparent reason and loose a growl or a bark; just to remind it who’s boss.

Ah the perks of being a dog lover!

Enjoy your dog and your day.


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