Things Dog Lovers Agree Upon

While there are always differences of opinion among dog lovers about topics such as training, nutrition, and vaccinations, there are a few things generally agreed upon:

  • Kicking a Kong out of your way only serves to illustrate how boomerangs work.
  • The stock of companies that produce lint rollers is a sound investment.
  • Finding the sharp corner of a Nylabone is easily accomplished in the dark around 3AM and with bare feet.
  • Always put socks on your Christmas and birthday wish lists.
  • Fencing your yard is like challenging your dog to a duel.
  • Dogs don’t get as embarrassed watching us have sex as we do watching them.
  • A dog’s health is directly proportional to the amount of money you have in the bank.
  • A dog’s desire to play is inversely proportional to the amount of sleep you had the night before.
  • Trying not to trip over a dog on your way to the bathroom is like resisting the Borg.
  • If you want the attention of the dog with the darkest fur, wear white.

The dog lovers platform is now open to suggestions for additional planks.



One thought on “Things Dog Lovers Agree Upon

  1. LOL! So very true! I’ve experienced the Kong one quite a few times and the stepping on a bone has taught me to pick them all up before bed. Now I just have to watch out for the dogs!

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