Five Things You Need to Buy for a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for everyone in your family, not just the kids! If you want to make sure your new addition feels truly at home, there are a few essentials you’ll need to get your hands on.


Your new canine pal will need to have a place he can call his own. This is particularly important for a new puppy as he’ll have lots to take in in his new environment and will need some clear guidelines before he starts training. You can find more information on this here.  For the first few days, your puppy is likely to feel nervous whilst he adjusts to his new surroundings, so giving him a space of his own will help settle him in and lots of soft bedding will make them feel secure and comfortable.


Your new puppy will need food and water. Always leave a clean bowl of water out for your dog, and keep his food and water in the same place so he always knows where it is. When you first get your puppy, ask the breeder or previous owner what food he’s been eating. If you can, continue to feed your puppy the same food. Your puppy will be dealing with a big change, so it’s good to keep things like food the same to help him feel secure. Understanding a dog’s diet is important, as some foods can be poisonous to dogs. There is a wide range of both wet and dry foods for dogs, and specific food for puppies which is less rich for their stomachs.


Puppies love to play! It’s important that your puppy learns which toys are his and which toys don’t belong to him. Squeaky toys are a firm favourite amongst dogs and can be picked up from all pet shops. Puppies that are less confident might not like the noise, so consider a soft or a rope toy. Puppies love to chew, so you need to make sure that none of the toys have small parts they could accidently swallow. Of course, puppies love to chase so you’ll also need to stock up on balls to play with both inside and outside.

A good vet

Getting a good vet is essential when you get a new puppy. Ideally you’ll want someone local and a vet that has been recommended to you by other dog owners. If you don’t know any other pet owners, then try asking in your local pet shop – they’ll be able to give you a few reputable names. When you first get your new dog, you’ll need to get him checked out and booked in for his vaccinations. Use this as an opportunity to get to know your vet and make sure you’re happy with them, and that your dog is too.

Pet Insurance

Remember to consider pet insurance, which could cover your pet cat or dog against loss, theft, accident and illness as vet fees can be extremely expensive.