The Bed of Contention

If there is one object in my house that can be considered “the biggest bone of contention” between my dogs and me, it’s the bed. With four dogs, each having their own ideas about sleeping arrangements, there is no end to the opportunities for differences of opinion.

Making the Bed

Anyone that has even one dog has to deal with this. When taking sheets off the bed, the dog is on top of them, unwilling to part with the lovely odor, fur, and that broken in spot that they are continually circling and scratching to create. When replacing the sheets, the dog is underneath them, blocking their restoration as if to say “I want the old ones back!” Either that or they just like to play frustrate the human.

Sleeping Assignments

This is a key point of conflict, not just between humans and dogs but between dogs as well. Since Gavin was the first of my dogs, he feels that the right to sleep with the humans belongs to him alone. Of course our latest addition, Elbee, disagrees. When Gavin decides not to put up with Elbee’s assertions, he disgustedly exits the bed with a regal “We are not amused” look. If he decides to put up with Elbee’s presence, he finds the Elbee sized lump under the covers and uses that for a pillow.

Of course my wife and I have to position ourselves around Gavin and Elbee. In addition, since Elbee has a terrier’s pathological need to burrow under the covers, we have to endure the endless scratching and circling that almost never coincide with the commercials.

Tosha takes a different tack with the bed. She thinks the bed should be hers and hers alone. When the humans aren’t on the bed its fair game, and having never met a nap she didn’t like that means she occupies it quite a lot. When nap times overlap, Tosha gives you that cute I’m so tired look, tongue barely hanging out of her mouth making her too adorable to move from her traditional spot, smack dab in the middle of the bed.

Even Annie, who normally forgoes sleeping with the humans, will assert her rights to the bed from time to time, and when she does she will not be moved. Normally this is during thunderstorms and sleeping anywhere other than four inches away from your face is just not an option for her.

Then of course there is my wife. I have considered getting sheets and blankets that have the 38th parallel clearly marked to keep each of us on our proper side. However, as she so rightly points out, if I want a place of my own for sleeping there’s always one of the dog beds.

2 thoughts on “The Bed of Contention

  1. We are experiencing this with our newest addition, Rascal and our first pup, Skibby. Rascal hasn’t decided if he will brave Skibbys annoyed groans at his presence on “his” (our) bed. He tests it out for a few minutes but usually ends up in the dog bed on the couch or in the clothes hamper!
    Dogs are tooo funny!

  2. OMG. I am so very glad I do not have that issue. All of my dogs prefer the floor or their kennel. And if one of the dogs were to try to jump up, the cat would have something to say about it.

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