Things My Dogs Have Become Classically Conditioned To

  • Popcorn popping (enough said)
  • The snap of a Tupperware lid (the power of cheese)
  • Bathwater running (possibility it’s for me)
  • Putting tennis shoes on (time for walkies)
  • Putting work clothes on (mommy’s going to work)
  • The sound of the coffee maker (daddy’s going to be in a better mood soon)
  • Patio door sliding (something needs to be chased or barked at)
  • The electric knife (chicken or turkey is imminent)
  • The lid opening on the hutch that houses the nail trimmers (think Monty Python, run away, run away)
  • The exhaust fan over the stove (mooching opportunities abound)
  • Keys jingling (doggy abandonment)
  • The vacuum cleaner (again, run away, run away)
  • Putting socks on (taking socks off)
  • Elbee lying under the covers (good spot for other dogs to lay on top of)
  • TV tables unfolding (good spot to hang out for crumbs)
  • FOX NFL Sunday comes on (mommy’s going to leave the room)
  • The F word (daddy’s out of coffee)

Enjoy your Sunday,


One thought on “Things My Dogs Have Become Classically Conditioned To

  1. Both hands waving at the dinner table: Aw hell, the meal’s over.
    Seeing the mister put on his cap: Damn, this dog can hunt!
    Seeing the mister change his mind and take off the cap: Liar! Quisling!
    Seeing the missus stretch out on the couch: Thank you, Jesus, it’s quiet time!

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