Dog Lovers— I Feel Your Pain

It’s easy to see why many might consider dog lovers a wee bit crazy. After all, we do things that many people just don’t do, like giving up our own comfort so our dogs can have theirs. As I posted in a Facebook status update yesterday:


I want to go lie on my couch but just watched my 10 year old dog spend 5 minutes getting the comforter and pillows arranged just so before laying down. Call me a sucker but I just can’t do it. I guess the floor isn’t so bad. It’s not like I’m not already covered in fur.

Now as a 50 year old man with the back of an 80 year old man who has arthritis throwing a rave in most of my joints, you might say I had a right to lie on my couch; and maybe I did. However, on this occasion, as it does on many, I didn’t mind putting up with a little discomfort for my dog’s sake.

Napping is my ProfessionAnd in this I know that I am not alone. As dog lovers we sometimes give up our own comfort so our dogs can play and nap and do dozens of other things that may be good for our souls, but are hell on our backs. We get down on arthritic knees more often than a Catholic with a confessional obsession so we can wrestle and play tug with our dogs. We lay on the floor to watch TV so our dogs can watch it from the couch. And we mend our fences as a fisherman does his net so our dogs will have a safe place in which to roam. The thought of inconveniencing our dogs is so distasteful to us; we leave events early because we are afraid our dogs may starve if we are a couple of hours late feeding them.

Others see may see these things as proof our train has gone chugging round the bend, but we accept them for what they are, a small sacrifice for a great pleasure. Our dogs bring so many good things into our lives that little things like pain, discomfort, and inconvenience seem a small price to pay and a bargain indeed.

So the next time you find yourself mainlining Advil to prep or recover from a play session or find yourself stumbling cross the kitchen floor at “OH MY GOD” o’clock in search of the coffee maker before walkies, remember that you are not alone. There are millions of us crazies out there, some more than others. 🙂




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