Dogs and Voting

Waiting for the voters return.As we go to the polls today to exercise our constitutional right to vote, I can’t help but think of my dogs. The fervor with which politics and animal welfare are expressed discloses the deep feelings we harbor about those things that matter to us most; the confluence of our civic and dog loving worlds.

People will be waiting for hours on end in miserable conditions to cast their ballots, exercising the franchise promised them by the constitution. Not unlike dog lovers wading through snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night so their dogs can complete their appointed rounds.

Our politics include our matters close to our animal loving hearts. Issues like conservation, breed specific legislation, confidence in the food and drug stream for pets, and tougher, better enforced laws on animal cruelty; issues that can be as heated and contentious as any other.

And, in addition, a bonus reward for waiting in line all day at the polls, other than the pride in a civic duty well done, is the furry greeting that awaits your return, no matter which way you voted.

Freedom is reflected in many things, and today you have the opportunity to participate in two of them — the right to vote, and the joy of a dog when you return.

Vote, it’s the real thing.


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