Dog Lover’s Thesaurus – The Contest

Recently, I made the following comment on Facebook:

Okay, we can no longer say or spell walk, walkies, out, or outside, so now we’re off for a jaunt.

Several of you voiced your agreement with the need to be creative when renaming common doggy interactions. And, as some of you rightly pointed out, even the verbiage surrounding the action often needs to be modified. As in the case of “You wanna go…?”

So, in the spirit of helping my fellow dog lovers out, I would like to start a Dog Lover’s Thesaurus. Simply leave a comment on this post listing the phrase used and what it’s used in place of. To reinforce the behavior of adding to the Dog Lover’s Thesaurus, I offer a click-treat in the form of a random drawing.

On January 1st 2013 I will pick one entry (comment) at random and that person will receive a copy of The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs. To be eligible, you must leave a comment on this post with your thesaurus entry, along with your first and last name and your e-mail. This information will only be used to contact the winner for shipment information.

Our goal is to make these entries into a searchable thesaurus for all dog lovers to enjoy, so be as silly or a serious as you like, and you can comment with as many entries as you like.

I am looking forward to reading what it sounds like in other dog lover’s households when it’s time for a B. A. T. H.

Cheers and good luck,


5 thoughts on “Dog Lover’s Thesaurus – The Contest

  1. Not exactly what you asked for but maybe it could be in an annex. I say “You’re Free” my husband says “You’ve got fleas!” I say “She did a one and a two.” and my husband says “She did a Lawrence Welk.”

  2. You’re right, we can no longer spell out w-a-l-k, or p-a-r-k without her knowing what we are talking about, but we have no code. I hope someone gives us some new code to use 🙂 BTW, if I want her to look cute in a picture I always say, “Do you wanna??” and she always perks her ears up – she’s such a good dog! She pretty much runs the show around here. 🙂

  3. B-A-T-H At our house has become ‘get sudsy’ 🙂

    My Scottie behaves well once we have him in the bathroom but if he sees the towels or hears the ‘B’ word he’s off and running!!

  4. My ball crazy boy Duncan would lose it when he heard the word Ball. So we of course started spelling B A L L. In no time, he had figured that out and we proceeded to just the word Tennis. He was a clever boy so we were forced to expand our vocabulary to the Spanish version Bolas, then to Huevos and finally progressed to Spherical Items. If he had lived another year, I’m certain we would have had to come up with another one.

  5. Congratulations go out to Julie Holmes as our giveaway winner. I will be contacting you soon about shipping your book. Thanks to all gave their entries.

    Happy New Year to all.

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