Practical Gifts for Dog Lovers

With Christmas less than a week away, those of us with procrastination in our blood are in a last minute spate of gift getting. For some, the procrastination stems from wanting to avoid the throngs of bargain crazed bipeds who will fight to the death over the last Cabbage Patch Kid. But for others, procrastination stems from a compulsion to find the perfect gift.

This situation can be doubly hard if you are not a dog lover and you want give the perfect gift to the dog lover on your list and that is where we aim to help. Following is a list of practical gifts that any dog lover would love to receive…

  • Some closet space at your house where we can store and dress into our black and white clothes without being harassed by dog fur.
  • Any used towels you may have.
  • Hand soap, lots of hand soap.
  • An offer to host a poo picking party in our back yard.
  • A coupon redeemable for free night’s dog sitting in case we’re tired of being stared at while having sex.
  • Milkbone coupons.
  • Offer to come over in the morning and find the Kongs for us.
  • A lifetime supply of coffee.

I invite all of my dog loving friends to add to the list. Let’s take the burden off of our furless friends.

Cheers and Happy Holidays,