Things My Dogs and I Agree On

Interrupt a dog’s nap or a human’s coffee, and you will get the same expression from both. Even though we are of different species, and have different ideas about the efficacy of cow manure as cologne, there are often things my dogs and I are in total agreement on. For instance:

  • Bacon makes everything taste better
  • The only bad nap is one interrupted
  • No matter the occasion, two o-clock in the morning is to #@!k1&@ late/early to be shooting off fireworks and you drunken mouth
  • Humans operate better with plenty of coffee in their system
  • Dogs operate better with plenty walks in their system
  • Car rides are better with the windows down
  • No face is too funny, as long as you’re having fun
  • We all have the same “perfect spot” on the bed
  • Staring is an effective communication tool
  • Silent protest are often the most effective
  • No major purchase should ever be made without factoring the dogs comfort into it
  • At least one pantry in the house should be devoted to dog biscuits and other goodies
  • Neither of us can find the damn Kongs we bought just days ago
  • There are some humans who think they are irresistible to dogs no matter how much you bark and yell at them, or how hard you bite them.
  • That ssshhhh sound irritates the shit out of both of us
  • Reality TV kills brain cells
  • There’s only so long you should sit at an computer before a good romp outdoors is in order

I see by my dogs that the last item in the list is coming due. If you and your dog have things you think should be added to this list. Leave a comment and let us know.



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