Dog Lovers Just Are

Man and dog walking in the parkI’m trying to remember exactly why I wanted my first dog. I don’t mean the reasons kids gives their parents like, “It will teach me responsibility.” Nor do I mean the adult reasons we give ourselves like, “I couldn’t stand to see him behind a cage.” What I am talking about is the real reason we are drawn to dogs.

As a kid I watched Lassie and other TV shows with dogs in them. I watched all the cartoons of the day littered with dogs that talked, flew, and some that actually acted like dogs. I remember the Poky Little Puppy book that came with the tear out vinyl record of the same name. I had a few friends that had dogs and a cousin or two that had farm dogs. And while I’m sure all of this contributed to my puppy love, I can’t really point to any one thing and say “That’s it, that’s why I wanted a dog.”

As an adult, I’ve certainly brought more dogs into my life than I did as a kid. But I would still have the same problem trying to give you an exact reason why I got a dog other than “Because I wanted it.”

Dog lovers just are. There’s a niche inside us that is specifically made for a dog; to try and define it is beyond words. We share stories about our dogs to convey our love for them, but it’s the smile on a dog lover’s face when they are with their dog, that comes closest to the truth.

One thought on “Dog Lovers Just Are

  1. Yes…we just WANT and love them! Dogs just seem to make my life more worthwhile and while it hurts like heck when we lose them, I am always compelled to jump back in and soothe the loss with another cold nose. I’m drawn to dogs and I don’t mind admitting it!

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