For the Love of Dog Stop Screaming

If you pay attention to the news at all these days, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that we are a nation divided. It doesn’t matter if the subject is political, social, religious, etc.; views are often snarling polar opposites. Proclaiming their righteous indignation at the existence of the other, the middle ground has fallen so far beneath these towers of opposition; its existence a mirage.

Even a force of nature as unifying as the shared love of a dog can have us screaming across the chasm at each other. We fight over what we feed them, how we train them, how to vaccinate them, what their body language means, and almost every other aspect of their care and behavior. The object of or love and affection becomes a platform for us to stand upon and scream; forgetting the person we are screaming at has a dog for the very same reasons that we do.

When speaking about dogs, I’ve said before that behavior doesn’t exist in a vacuum. That certainly applies to humans as well. Although the colors of our opinions may seem vivid and sharp, there are shades of grey in everything.

I myself am certainly guilty of standing on that pedestal from time to time; after which, I consider why I climbed up so quickly in the first place. Perhaps, if I look down at my feet before climbing up, I may see reason why the person I am yelling at is climbing as well. Then, maybe we can take a walk to the middle and talk; with those reasons happily following beside.