Putting the Shame Blame Where it Belongs

bad-behaviorApart from the fact that many of the doggy shame pictures wrongly portray our dogs as knowingly violating the rules, there’s the whole part about where to lay the blame. In reading many of the stories that go along with the dog shaming pictures that plaster the internet, I believe many of the pictures should be changed to something like this.

One thought on “Putting the Shame Blame Where it Belongs

  1. Love it. That’s true for parents too. What is cute as a puppy, like nibbling on your fingers, is bad as adult dog. Our Sydney was dumped in an animal shelter because of not being house-trained and chewing on fingers.

    He trained up fine. Our rule of thumb is, teach the dog so wonderfully, with firm house rules and manners, that the dog is skillful at living with people and other people want that dog to be their family member.

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