Book Review – SHAKE by Carli Davidson

book review SHAKE by Carli DavidsonIt’s been 135 years since Eadweard Muybridge solved the mystery of the horse in motion. Now, thanks to Carli Davidson’s imaginative mind, we’ve solved the mystery of just how silly and endearing our dogs can look mid shake in a fascinating little book, appropriately titled, SHAKE.

Dog of all shapes and sizes are captured with an expert eye and attention to detail that expose every facet and fold of the face. With water, snot, fur, and slobber festooning the air around them, it gives one the sense that they should be holding a towel when looking at this book.

Davidson’s background in animal training shows through in her discussion on the importance of building trust and providing as stress free an environment as possible for the dogs; her choice of subjects shows her love of animals as well. These include my favorite photographs of two dogs named London and Ramen Noodle, dogs who may be missing limbs, but certainly not expressiveness.

As if all this cuteness and candor weren’t enough to earn the dog lover’s seal of approval, there’s page 143 where Carli promotes adoption, asks you to consider special needs dogs, and discuses spaying and neutering to help combat shelter populations. Carli Davidson, you rock! And so does your book, SHAKE!

Along with providing a copy of SHAKE for my personal enjoyment, the awesome publishers at Harper Collins have given me an extra copy of this moving little book to pass along to you. If you’d like a chance to win a copy simply leave a comment below, making sure to provide your email in the space provided. A winner will be picked at random one week from publication of this post.

Good luck, enjoy your dogs and your day!


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    • Congratulations! You’ve won. I’ve sent an email to confirm you info and then I’ll get your copy shipped to you. I know you will enjoy it.

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