Loyal Protectors and Companions

What is it about dogs that lead so many people to want to own one? To many, it’s the sense of comradery that they provide. To others, dogs are the first line of defense in the home against unwanted guests. But almost all could agree that the main attraction to canines are the loyalty that they provide to all members of the family, and all of the joy that comes along.

Although cats are the most widely domesticated animals in the United States, with more than 95 million believed to be owned, dogs come in at a close second with more than 83 million. Around 47% of households have at least one dog, and 45% of dogs are close enough to their owners where they share beds.

Other than their strong sense of loyalty, dog’s physical senses are stronger than many might think. This can play a major part in how dogs provide security for homeowners, as they can hear and smell what humans cannot. In fact, dogs can hear five times better than humans due to the fact they experience 50-65,000 cycles every second.
While humans have 10 million scent cells, dogs blow human abilities out of the water with 220 million scent-sensitive cells, which explains why they mostly rely on smell to explore and make certain decisions.

Even if you have something like a home security system for protection, there’s good reason to have a dog involved in the mix. Their loud bark has been known to scare away potential burglars, keeping you and your family safe.