Pet Insurance and Your First Vet Visit

A trip to the vet can be one of the most stressful things pets and their owners have to experience.  But it’s also an inevitable part of being a responsible pet owner, so it’s better to be prepared and make it as pleasant as it can be for everyone concerned.

One of the main reasons why humans might dread a visit to the vet’s surgery is because of the cost involved if there’s an unexpected bill. If you take out a good Pet Insurance policy, all your fees should already be covered – and some can be paid directly to the vet so you won’t have to wait to get your money back afterwards. Shop around for a Pet Insurance policy that suits you and your cat or dog, and bear in mind that puppies and kittens can be covered from eight weeks, too.

So you’ve got the financial side sorted out – what about the emotional side? Here are some tips to help your pet on their first visit to the vet:

  • Make sure your pet is used to whichever mode of transport you’re using to get them to the vet. It’s not wise to combine your first visit to the surgery with your cat or dog’s first trip in the car, for example. It’s far better to get them accustomed to travelling beforehand, so they don’t associate having to go in a car with a bad outcome.
  • Take your pet for an easy, painless visit first, such as to register at the surgery or be weighed. That helps them to think of it as a good place, rather than a traumatic one. Dish out the treats afterwards, and use a calm voice to praise them.
  • Stay calm. Pets can pick up on your feelings, so if you’re making a big deal about their trip to the vet’s, they’ll sense that something’s not quite right. Leave yourself plenty of time, especially if you’re hoping to take them in a cage or carrier, so there won’t be a mad panic to get them in and to your appointment on time.
  • If your pet is noticeably nervous, or has come from a rescue centre, talk to your vet beforehand about what you can do to calm them. They’ll be able to provide extra reassurance, and in more extreme cases they could help with a mild sedative.

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