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When I first started Dog Lover’s Digest back in 2009, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I began with the premise that I wanted to blog about my experiences as a dog lover who had undergone an epiphany of sorts about dog training and dog behavior.

Up to a certain point in my life, I believed that leash pops, choke chains, rolled-up newspapers, and a loud “bad dog” voice were all the tools needed to train a dog. After all, that is what I had been taught as a boy with his first dog. Luckily, in my twenties, a happy accident opened my eyes and my mind to the actual science of dog training and behavior. However, as much as this new information affected me, I saw that people and their dogs were still laboring under old and outdated information, and so Dog Lover’s Digest was born.

The goals of the Dog Lover’s Digest are:

  • To share effective and human training techniques that are backed by science and the methods of positive rewards-based training.
  • To provide a humorous look at the shared experiences of dog lovers everywhere.
  • To share relevant information about health and wellness of dogs.
  • To provide a place for dog lovers to come together and share their experiences and love for dogs.
  • To find and promote new ways to help dogs and their owners.
  • To inform.

Some of these goals we’ve achieved and some we are still working on. We ask for your help and participation in making this site the best it can be. Comments are always welcome and aspiring and established bloggers are always encouraged to add their voice to a growing library of articles for dog lovers everywhere.

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Kevin Myers

Writer and Content Auditor at Dog Lover’s Digest.

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