Chasing Bunny Rabbits – Doggie Dreams

A profile pic of my Aussie Gavin
My Aussie Gavin

I’ve often wondered about my dogs and their dreams. Maybe it’s because I get a chance to see the behavior so often. My Aussie Gavin, has had a very good life, and is a typical doggie dreamer. His body twitches and his muscles and paws flex as he woofs and woofs chasing after the bunny rabbits. His dreams are relatively short, lasting anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds and he rarely wakes himself up. But the funny thing about him is that he gets extremely upset when my other dog Annie starts to dream. In fact he gets so upset that he leaves the room that Annie is in and usually won’t come back in for quite sometime.

My other dog, Annie, is a Springer Spaniel mix and a Hurricane Katrina rescue we adopted from a shelter. Her dreams are usually much more intense than Gavin’s. Her woofing and twitching is more pronounced and her dreams seem to last much longer than his. Sometimes they last for a couple of minutes and she seems to wake up more often than Gavin. I have also noticed that when we have a windy day or night up here on the mountain, (which can terrify her to the point that she will actually jump into the bathtub), she will have an intense dream that day.

That brings me to this article, which I found this morning on, about military dogs serving multiple tours in Iraq. It seems to validate some of my thoughts on my dogs life experiences and their dreams.

So what do you think? Leave us a comment and tell us about your dogs! Are they “Bunny Rabbit” chasers, or full fledged sleep walkers like Bizkit here.

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