The Best Dog Foods

Most common question dog people ask: What’s the best dog food?

Let me tell you the BAD news first…

There isn’t a clear answer to this too broad of a question.


Because you can’t simply pick a dog food unless you know what the dog breed and size is and whether its a puppy, adult or senior dog; or if there are special needs such as grain-free stuff that you are looking for; or if you want a dog food that can help your pup shed some excess fat.


Here’s the GOOD news

You’ll basically find everything you need to know about dog food in the detailed resources below.

I’ve created these in-depth resources after several months of research, testing and gathering thousands of reviews from the readers. (My 40-point inspection list)

Also, Check out this extremely helpful guide on the Best Way to Switch Dog Food.

Here are the guides:

Puppy Foods

Adult Dog Foods

Other Guides

Dog Food For Specific Breed

Mix Breeds: