The 8 Best Dehydrated Dog Foods

By Kevin Myers | 2022 Update

When choosing dog food, we all want to make the healthiest choice for our dog. Dehydrated dog food is one of the most nutrient-dense options out there. This minimally processed dietary option provides a lightweight, healthy, and nutrient-packed alternative to dogs of all ages.

Feeding raw dehydrated dog food can improve the dog’s overall health, longevity, and vitality. So, how can you find the best dehydrated dog food?

We’ve developed a comprehensive guide to help you find the right option for your dog’s dietary needs.

Let’s explore!

The Best Dehydrated Dog Foods

Top ProductsRatingTop Ingredients
1. The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Organic Dog Food4.4Dehydrated Chicken, Dehydrated Potatoes, Organic Barley, Organic Flaxseed, Organic Oats
2. Stella & Chewy’s Super Meal Mixers Tantalizing Turkey4.8Turkey with Ground Bone, Turkey Liver, Turkey Gizzard, Pumpkin Seed, Organic Cranberries
3. Wellness CORE Air Dried Dog Food (Natural)4.5Deboned Turkey, Deboned Chicken, Chickpeas, Peas, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin
4. Sojos Complete Natural Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food Mix4.7Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Whole Egg, Broccoli, Apples
5. Primal – Freeze-Dried Lamb Dehydrated Dog Food4.6Lamb Hearts, Lamb Livers, Ground Lamb Bones, Organic Kale, Organic Carrots

How to Switch Dog Foods Without Getting Your Pup Sick

1. The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Organic Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: Dehydrated Chicken, Dehydrated Potatoes, Organic Barley, Organic Flaxseed, Organic Oats

This human-grade dehydrated dog food from The Honest Kitchen fulfills your dog’s high-protein requirements. It has premium protein sources, including chicken, duck, turkey, and beef. It’s delicious and has a soft texture, making it ideal for all breeds and sizes.

The formula supports healthy digestive function and improves the dog’s coat. It’s a natural dog food with minimally processed ingredients to retain nutrients. If you’re looking for budget-friendly dog food, this one is a great choice. Finally, it’s AAFCO-certified and made with quality ingredients that you can trust.

2. Stella & Chewy’s Super Meal Mixers Tantalizing Turkey

Top 5 Ingredients: Turkey with Ground Bone, Turkey Liver, Turkey Gizzard, Pumpkin Seed, Organic Cranberries

Stella & Chewy’sSuper Meal Mixers satisfies your dog’s natural craving for meat with real raw meat, organs, and bones. Most dogs love the turkey flavor and finish their meals quickly!  

This minimally processed recipe preserves natural raw meat nutrients and is easy to rehydrate. You can serve it as a whole meal, topper, or treat. It offers quality ingredients for optimal growth and development.

3. Wellness CORE Air Dried Dog Food (Natural)

Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Deboned Chicken, Chickpeas, Peas, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin

Wellness Core dog food delivers optimum nutrition and yummy flavor. This grain-free dog food has air-dried protein to create a complete and balanced diet for your dog. It features flavorful turkey and chicken packed in one recipe.

Let your dog enjoy minimally processed dehydrated food with quality ingredients. The recipe retains nutrients and flavors and is ideal for most dog breeds. It contains essential vitamins and minerals for your dog’s health. This recipe is a great option if you want something to maintain your dog’s weight and overall well-being.

4. Sojos Complete Natural Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food Mix

Sojos Simply Turkey Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, slide 1 of 1

Top 5 Ingredients: Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Whole Egg, Broccoli, Apples

If you’re looking for a fresh and flavorful alternative to kibble, Sojas dog food topper is all you need. This nutritious formula adds extra flavor to everyday dog food. You can easily serve this food by adding water. It contains high-quality lean protein and has limited fat content. Plus, the carbs come from easily digestible sweet potatoes. It also contains superfoods like cranberries and broccoli. If you’re looking for dog food with omega oils and vitamins, this one is a great choice.

5. Primal – Freeze-Dried Lamb Dehydrated Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: Lamb Hearts, Lamb Livers, Ground Lamb Bones, Organic Kale, Organic Carrots

Primal Pet Foods freeze-dried dog food is a high-protein formula. It’s an all-natural raw food recipe packed with essential oils, enzymes, natural vitamins, and minerals. If your dog has allergies, this option from Primal could be the right choice. It’s a grain-free recipe that contains novel proteins to fulfill your dog’s dietary needs.

This recipe is a breeze to rehydrate and serve. It’s an excellent way to nourish your dog with raw, high-quality nutrition.

6. Primal — Chicken Nuggets Grain-Free Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken (with ground bone), Chicken Livers, Organic Carrots, Organic Squash, Organic Kale

The Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets Grain-Free recipe features protein from high-quality fresh chicken. It provides essential fatty acids, amino acids, and calcium for stronger bones and teeth.

This recipe relies on organic produce for essentials vitamins and minerals. Finally, this diet is free from common allergens like soy, wheat, and corn. It is Highly Recommended!

7. The Honest Kitchen Food Clusters Whole Grain Beef & Oat Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: Beef, Oats, Barley, Beef Liver, Turkey

This option from The Honest Kitchen is one you might want to consider. The dehydration process helps maintain the taste and nutrition of the whole-food ingredients. It includes ranch-raised beef, veggies, oats, salmon oil, and probiotics for overall good health.

This natural dog food has very few processed ingredients. It does not contain animal by-products, fillers, artificial flavors, or GMOs.

8. The Honest Kitchen Fish Recipe Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: Dehydrated White Fish, Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes, Dehydrated Eggs, Dehydrated Pumpkin, Dried Organic Coconut

This dehydrated dog food is a healthy option for your dog. It’s a grain-and gluten-free recipe featuring white fish and organic produce. It includes wild-caught Pacific cod and pollock to build your dog’s muscles and support cognitive function.

This recipe is high in protein and low in fat. It doesn’t contain common allergens like white potatoes, corn, wheat, and soy. It’s a great choice for sensitive dogs.


Buyer’s Guide: How is Dehydrated Dog Food Made?

Dehydrated dog food requires a gentle, low heat drying method. This process removes moisture in the food and helps retain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

The process of dehydrating dog food mimics the natural preservation process in the sun! People have used the food dehydration process for thousands of years to make food last longer and remain safe.

Benefits of Dehydrated Dog Food

Understanding the benefits of dehydrated dog food will help you choose the best option.

Convenience: Dehydrated dog food is easy to feed. All you need to do is add water and wait. It’s also a great option when you are traveling with your dog.

Lightweight and space-saving: Dehydrated dog food is lightweight and easy to store.

Longer Shelf Life: It can last for about a year. Once rehydrated, you should serve dehydrated food immediately and refrigerate any leftovers.

Nutritious: Dehydrated food is nutrient-rich and mimics your dog’s natural diet.

How to Choose the Best Dehydrated Dog Food

Consult your veterinarian

You can talk to your veterinarian about dog food recommendations. If your dog has special dietary considerations, your vet will be able to guide you better.

There are many different dehydrated food brands from which to choose. Talking to your vet will help ease any fears you might have about choosing the wrong food type for your dog.

Always Read Food labels

When you’re choosing dehydrated dog food, try to spend some time understanding the product labels. Dog foods sold in America must have the product name, net product weight, name and address of the manufacturer, guaranteed analysis, list of ingredients, statement of nutritional adequacy, and feeding guidelines.

Feeding guidelines will tell you how much dehydrated food to feed your pet based on their age and weight. If you don’t find this information on the product label, you should not purchase dehydrated dog food.

Look for the statement “complete and balanced,” which means the dehydrated food meets the minimum nutritional standards set by AAFCO.  

Avoid foods with by-products, generic fat sources, artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

Weigh your options

The best dog food is the one that suits your dog’s individual needs. Buy something that provides healthy nutrients and satisfies their taste buds. You will need to read the labels on the different dog foods and do some trial and error with your dog to see what it likes.

You can also get popular brands to send you samples if you don’t want to buy big bags of dehydrated dog food. This will you allow you to check if your dog enjoys eating their new food.

Choosing the Right Ingredients


Dogs are obligate carnivores and need a protein-rich diet for a healthy life. When you’re shopping for dehydrated dog food, look for premium protein sources, including poultry meat, venison, and fish.

Protein contains essential amino acids that help dogs maintain lean muscle mass. If you want your dog to stay healthy and thrive, choose dehydrated dog food with high protein content.

The ideal dog food contains around 18 – 25% protein from animal sources.


Some dog owners consider fats to be unhealthy, but they are necessary for your dog’s health. Healthy fats should make up about 15% of the diet. Fat sources like fish oils, flaxseed oil, and canola oil help nourish the dog’s skin and coat.


Carbs are a quick energy source for dogs and keep them feeling full until their next meal. They support healthy body function and help your dog stay active. Good sources of carbohydrates for dogs include sweet potatoes and brown rice. Avoid dehydrated foods that have refined grains or simple carbohydrates with low nutritional value. These carbs can cause your dog’s blood glucose levels to spike.

The ideal dog food contains between 30 – 70% complex carbohydrates from natural sources.

Added Ingredients

Premium dehydrated dog foods contain added ingredients that may be beneficial for your dog. You’ll notice nutrients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM for whole-body health. You should talk to your vet to determine if your dog needs these additional ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dehydrated food better than raw food?

Dehydrated dog food is a healthy and safe alternative to raw pet food.  

Should I add water to dehydrated dog food?

Yes. You’ll need to add water to dehydrated dog food and let it soak until the food is tender.

Is dehydrated dog food suitable for picky eaters?

Every dog has different needs, but most picky eaters that try out dehydrated dog food love the taste. The dehydration process maintains the natural flavors and preserves the nutrients, making it a good choice for picky eaters.  

Why is good nutrition important for puppies?

Your puppy must eat a complete and balanced diet. You need to provide nutritious dog food with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are important for optimal health and energy. Minerals are essential for muscle development and nerve conduction, and vitamins balance your puppy’s biochemistry.

How often should I feed my dog?

Puppies need dehydrated meals at least four times a day and feed your adult dogs twice daily. Dogs enjoy routine, so establish a healthy feeding schedule and maintain it. A good time to feed your dog is during family meals to keep your dog busy while the rest of the family is eating.

How much dehydrated food does my dog need?

The amount your pup needs to eat depends on many factors, including life stage (puppy, adult, pregnant or lactating), lifestyle, size, and general health. Select high-quality dehydrated dog food, weigh your dog, and then read the feeding guidelines on the package. Remember that every dog is unique, so you might have to adjust your dog’s feeding accordingly. If you want more information, here’s a dog feeding chart.

What’s in dehydrated dog food?

Dehydrated dog food has a variety of ingredients, including poultry, meat, seafood, and animal by-products. By-products aren’t suitable for human consumption, but they meet federal standards for dog nutrition. Dehydrated dog food also has vitamins and minerals to complete nutritional needs. You’ll also find preservatives to keep the food fresh on the shelf. The preservatives are the same used in food for humans and are USDA and FDA approved.

Additionally, AAFCO publishes regulations for the nutritional adequacy of “complete and balanced” dog food. Your dog’s dehydrated food should conform to minimal AAFCO standards.

Can dogs get bored eating the same food?

No. Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans, so they won’t get bored eating the same food.

What tests make sure the food is safe for dogs?

Dog food companies use standardized animal feeding trials designed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

These animals are monitored for six months to ensure that the food has the right balance of nutrients. You can confirm if a dog food company uses standardized tests by reading the product labels.  

Which dehydrated dog food brand is the best?

There are many prominent manufacturers of high-quality dehydrated food, including The Honest Kitchen, Olewo, Sojos, Tylee, and Purina. We’ve reviewed the best options for your dog above. The key is to know the protein and carbohydrate levels, vitamins, minerals, and types of ingredients your dog requires. You also need to take your dog’s age, health, and other factors into account. Work with your veterinarian to decide what dog food is best for your dog.

Should I buy expensive dehydrated food over generic dog food?

Expensive dog food brands are better, and you won’t find them in your local supermarket. If you want to buy premium dehydrated food, you must go to a pet store. Supermarkets stock generic food that sells the most. They rarely stock the healthiest dog food for your dog. It’s up to the pet owner to choose the best option for their dog.

What is the best way to store dehydrated dog food?

You should store dehydrated dog food in a cool, dry place. You can keep dehydrated dog food in the original bag, folded and clipped for freshness.

Is dehydrated dog food safe?

Dehydrated dog food is one of the safest options for dogs because the dehydration process removes moisture from the ingredients and keeps moisture-loving pathogens away. It has a higher shelf life and doesn’t have preservatives.

Is dehydrated dog food grain-free?

It depends on the brand of dehydrated dog food you buy. Check the ingredient list to know if the dehydrated dog food is grain-free. You might see grains such as barley, buckwheat, corn, oats, quinoa, and rice.

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