The 10 Best Dog Foods for Yorkiepoos

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Update

Looking for the best dog food for your Yorkiepoo?

Lucky for you, I can help!

I reviewed dozens of different dog foods and picked out the very best for you.

Yorkiepoos are a high maintenance breed and so they need a super high-quality diet to survive.

In this article, I have added 10 of the best dog foods for Yorkiepoos.

Keep on reading to find out more about how to take care of your Yorkiepoo’s dietary needs and what you might be doing wrong.

The Best Dog Foods for Yorkiepoos

1. Wellness: CORE Grain-Free Turkey, Chicken Liver & Turkey Liver Formula

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • Lifestage: suitable for small, medium, large all breeds including Yorkiepoo especially adult
  • Caloric Content: 3660 kcal/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 34%, crude fat (min.) 16%, crude fiber (max.) 4%, moisture (max.) 10%, calcium (max.) 2%, phosphorus (max.) 1.4%, vitamin E (min.) 400 IU/kg, omega-6 fatty acids (min.) 3.25%, omega-3 fatty acids (min.) 0.50%, glucosamine (min.) 250 mg/kg, chondroitin sulfate (min.) 200 mg/kg, beta-carotene (min.) 5mg/kg
  • Form: dry food
  • Top Ingredients: deboned turkey, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, potatoes
  • No wheat, gluten, corn, soy, artificial preservations, flavors and colors
  • Sizes available: 4 lb, 12 lb, 26 lb

Wellness core grain-free dog food is similar to the natural diet that dogs’ used to have, as it is based on the philosophy that dogs grow well on a natural diet especially which includes meat. So it means that wellness core grain-free has all the natural healthy ingredients. It is made to provide all the necessary nutrients that your Yorkiepoo needs and has high Protein content, which is obtained from chicken and turkey, making it a rich diet for your Yorkiepoo. Wellness core grain-free is beneficial for your Yorkiepoo’s coat, skin, and body mass. Having Glucosamine and chondroitin in the wellness core grain-free dry food helps your dogs’ bone and joints to remain strong.

Yorkies have a sensitive stomach, so this grain-free food suits their overall health and well-being. The kibble is coated with probiotics which are good for digestion.

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2. Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Small Breed

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • Lifestage: extra small, small and toy breeds; adults
  • Caloric Content: 3719 kcal/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 32%, crude fat (min.) 18%, crude fiber (max.) 4%, moisture (max.) 10%, zinc (min.) 150 mg/kg, vitamin E (min.) 150 IU/kg, omega-6 fatty acids (min.) 2.8%, omega-3 fatty acids (min.) 0.30%
  • Form: dry
  • Top ingredients: venison, garbanzo beans, peas, lamb meal, lentils, pea protein
  • grain-free
  • Sizes available: 5 lb, 14 lb, 28 lb

Taste of the wild is a good choice for Yorkiepoos as it has Protein which is sourced from venison which is good for their muscles. Secondly, venison is highly digestible; in addition, probiotic, prebiotic, and garbanzo beans make the digestion easy for your small breed.

Another great thing about taste of the wild is that instead of adding grains they have used other ingredients as compensation just to prevent Yorkiepoos from health issues, and the added ingredients are also a good source of Protein. Some of the other ingredients in the taste of the wild help in digestion and support a healthy coat and skin.

The Natural recipe also contains plenty of vitamins and ultra powerful antioxidants that have been derived from real fruits as well as real vegetables that help to support overall health, while the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support silky hair and fur.

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3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • LIfestage: extra small, small and toy breeds; suitable for adult Yorkiepoo
  • Caloric Content: 3648 kcals/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 26%, crude fat (min.) 15%, crude fiber (max.) 4%, moisture (max.) 10%, calcium (min.) 1.2%, phosphorus (min.) 0.9%, omega-3 fatty acids 0.5%, omega-6 fatty acids (min.) 3%, glucosamine (min.) 400 mg/kg
  • Form: dry
  • Top ingredients: deboned chicken, oatmeal, chicken meal, brown rice, menhaden fish meal, barley
  • No chicken by-product meals, corn, soy or wheat; no artificial preservatives and flavors
  • Sizes available: 3 lb, 6 lb, 15 lb

If you want your dog to love you for the meal you serve, you should go for poultry-based food because they love it the most. Now, I would say either chicken or turkey, but there happens to be a product that packs both. Wellness CORE is mainly turkey meat but the taste is enhanced with a blend of turkey and chicken liver.

It is a high protein formula that seems to have around 50% more protein than most wet dog foods in the market. Even other products from Wellness don’t have that much protein. Followed by delicious turkey and chicken liver, we have chicken broth i.e. the key source of moisture. If you are going for wet food, broth and gravy based formulas are probably the best ones.

This amazing dog food also features yummy, protein filled chicken that been deboned and is made with increased protein and carbohydrates to meet the higher energy level your Yorkiepoo needs.

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4. Chicken Soup For The Soul

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • Lifestage: small breeds, medium breeds, large breeds; adult
  • Caloric Content: 3605 kcal/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 25%, crude fat (min.) 13%, crude fiber (min.) 4.f%, moisture (max.) 10%, zinc (min.) 100 mg/kg , vitamin E (min.) 125 IU/kg, omega-6 fatty acids (min.) 2%, omega-3 fatty acids (min.) 0.3%
  • Form: dry dog food
  • Top ingredients: chicken, chicken meal, turkey, turkey meal, cracked pearled barley, whole grain brown rice, peas
  • No wheat, corn, and soy
  • Sizes available: 4.5 lb, 13.5 lb, 28 lb bag

Chicken soup for the soul has small-sized kibbles for smaller breeds or for ones with dental concerns. The small-sized kibbles are made up of real chicken and turkey, providing a good amount of protein that is required for the good health and well-being of your Yorkiepoo. The Protein as an ingredient is good for lean muscles.

The probiotic fibers and fatty acids are beneficial for digestion, skin, and bone. Also, it enhances the immune health of the Yorkiepoo because of the antioxidants and other foods like apple, spinach, etc. This amazing dog food also has no by-product meals, wheat, corn or soy, and it also helps to promote lifelong health for years of barking and belly rubs.

Chicken soup for the soul has grains which may cause problems, and sometimes it is not liked by few dogs without any known reason.

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5. The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • Lifetstage: small breeds, medium breeds, large breeds; all sizes
  • Caloric Content: 3930 kcal/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 24%, crude fat (min.) 15%, crude fiber (max.) 6.5%, moisture (max.) 8.5%, taurine (min.) 0.15%
  • Form: dry
  • Top ingredients: dehydrated chicken, dehydrated potatoes, organic flaxseed, dehydrated sweet potatoes
  • Gluten-free, grain-free, no corn, wheat, soy
  • Sizes available: 2 lb, 4 lb, 10 lb

Knowing how grains can be dangerous for dogs, including YorkiePoos, it would be an injustice to your Yorkiepoo if you buy dog food that contains a large amount of grain. Fortunately, like few others, the honest kitchen chicken recipe is grain-free. This grain-free dog food is unique for your Yorkiepoo. It is nutritious and a healthy diet for your lovely pet.

Your Yorkiepoo might like this chicken recipe. The chicken which provides moderate Protein is dehydrated, making digestion easy for the Yorkiepoo.

It ensures the highest quality dog food, as it meets the highest FDA safety standards.With this human grade recipe produced in a human grade facility, Honest Kitchen proves that you don’t have to be a human to eat like one!

The grain-free recipe is nutritious beneficial for the health of Yorkiepoo and specifically for those with food sensitivities. It makes the coat appear soft. People have witnessed a good change in their pets’ poop/stool.

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Yorkiepoo Breed Information

Yorkie Poo is a small-sized breed with a big personality. These adorable pups are known to be independent, feisty, and even stubborn at times.

The Yorkiepoo is a hybrid of the miniature poodle and the Yorkshire Terrier. They are a beautiful mixture of both these breeds, Yorkiepoo’s are energetic, affectionate, smart and sensitive dogs.

The Yorkiepoo is a relatively new breed, and they have only known to be around the past ten years. These cute creatures are easy to train, but they are -somewhat clingy. They crave attention and are not a good fit for families with kids.

Fun Facts About Yorkiepoo

  • The lifespan of Yorkiepoo dogs is 12 to 15 years.
  • These dogs sometimes act just like cats, and they love climbing furniture.
  • They are excellent jumpers and can shockingly jump super high.
  • These little pups make excellent watchdogs, don’t let their small stature fool you.
  • Yorkiepoos are quick learners; they are relatively easy to train.
  • These dogs are a little high maintenance and need to be bathed on a regular basis.
  • These pups cost around $800 to $ 10,000 a pup.

Ingredients to Avoid in YorkiePoo Dog Food

Artificial Colors

Artificial colors are a pretty common ingredient in most commercially produced dog foods. The colors are added to the dog food to make them more appealing to you (your Yorkiepoo sees black and white, so it doesn’t matter what color the dog food is). All in all, artificial colors are unnecessary, and they have linked to several biochemical processes in the body as well as hyperactivity. There are tons of naturally derived colors available to manufacturers, but I guess artificial colors cost less and so they choose the latter.


Gluten seems to get a lot of buzz nowadays, thanks to the Kardashians. No one really knows what it actually is. I am sure you now look at all the food labels and make sure that it doesn’t have gluten. Why not do the same for your canine pal?. Gluten is as bad for your Yorkiepoo as it is for you.

Gluten is not something that your Yorkiepoos can naturally digest; it is found in grains. When it comes to dog foods, gluten can be found in grains such as corn, oats, or wheat. Gluten is also commonly used as a dog food binder in the form of wheat gluten or even gluten corn.

Dietary grains are much easily digested by dogs as compared to cats, but that doesn’t mean that they would not develop any allergies or suffer from digestive distress due to a whole lot of grains in their standard processed dry food diet. Gluten sensitivity and gluten allergy are quite common among Yorkiepoos, and the symptoms include hot spots, itching and ear infections.

Farmed Salmon

Salmon is an amazing source of nutrition for you as well as your Yorkiepoo, but the fish does contain certain harmful toxins that can make your dog sick. Farmed salmon can add PCBs, mercury, and fat-soluble toxins in your dog’s diet. Farmed salmon is listed as a salmon meal, salmon and salmon oil in your Yorkiepoo’s food. David Suzuki wrote in his farmed salmon brochure that the levels of 13 fat-soluble pollutants are almost ten times higher in farmed salmon as compared to wild salmon.

Wait, it gets worse!

Farmed salmon fish consumption is three times more likely to lead to cancer in comparison to wild salmon.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is just not bad for you but for dogs as well. Corn syrup, just like its refined sugar counterpart, is known to cause a drastic increase in blood sugar, and it also leads to obesity, weight gain, and diabetes. Corn syrup is literally like a drug and super addicting, once your Yorkiepoo gets a taste of it, he will develop a taste for all sugary things.

There really is no need for extra sugar as just like human foods, dog foods are also jam-packed with sugar as well as sweeteners.

Meat and Meat Meal

Meat is actually a pretty important part of your dog’s diet but does always make sure that you are feeding your Yorkiepoo real meat instead of questionable things such as meat and bone meal, meat meal or unnamed meat. Meat is another non-descriptive ingredient that pops up in bad dog food ingredients.

Meat is basically an open-ended description of an ingredient, as you really don’t know what its. It can be meat from leftovers, and the only thing that you can be sure of the quality. The worst quality imaginable. The meat can be derived from a diseased, sick, or even a dead animal. The manufacturers might have even used expired meat.

Once this weird, disgusting meat is gathered, it is heated extensively in order to remove any parasites or pathogens lurking around in it. The process not only removes parasites, but it also removes the handful of nutrients that the weird meat actually had. In order to increase the protein content of the dog food, the manufacturers then fill it up with nutritionally void fillers, but the amount of usable protein in the food is negligible.

Propylene Glycol

You might remember this ingredient as a staple in the new antifreeze. Propylene Glycol is much less toxic as compared to its friend, ethylene glycol but still, it has a rather questionable nature, and I am not too sure about its safety either. This ingredient is FDA approved bit still pretty dangerous. The fact is that it has been banned in several countries and is tolerated at much lower levels.

Propylene Glycol helps to keep the moisture of the semi-moist food intact and is a humectant. It can be rather toxic in large amounts. Dogs as compared to cats easily digest Propylene Glycol and break it down into safer compounds, but it’s known to cause Heinz body anemia in cats. It is so dangerous for cats that it’s not even allowed to be added in cat food.

For your own Yorkiepoo’s safety, I would advise that you stay away from semi-moist foods and stick to dry foods instead.

My Remaining Picks for the Best Dog Foods for Yorkiepoos

6. AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu Dog Food; Turkey Recipe

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Lifestage: small breeds; adult dog food
  • Caloric Content: 3450 kcal/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 26%, crude fat (min.) 15%, crude fiber (max.) 5%, moisture (max.) 10%, vitamin E (min.) 125 IU/kg, ascorbic acid (min.)25 MG/KG, omega-6 fatty acid (min.) 2.1%, omega-3 fatty acid (min.) 0.6%
  • Top ingredients: turkey, turkey meal, garbanzo beans, peas, pea flour, chicken fat, avocado
  • Grain-free, gluten-free
  • From: dry

The turkey recipe of AvoDerm natural revolving menu uses ingredients that are suitable for dogs that have sensitive stomachs. The avocado is one of the basic ingredients and the dog food also has minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are good for your Yorkiepoos’ health. Because of the revolving menu feature of AvoDerm, it has gained a lot of attention.

Their revolving menu line has different grain-free recipes that are given to the dog in rotation which helps the dog to have balanced and complete nutrition. You can switch among recipes without any worry.  Among several recipes, turkey recipe is considered as best for Yorkiepoo. Every kibble of it provides optimal nutrition to the Yorkiepoo.

Avoderm turkey recipe is Grain-free which is good for sensitive stomach and supports healthy digestion and skin. It provides a good amount of Protein to the Yorkiepoo. Your picky Yorkiepoo might like it.


 7. Canidae Grain-free Pure Petite Small Breed Puppy Recipe

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Lifetstage: extra small, small breed and toy breed; puppy
  • Caloric Content: 3500 kcal/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 24%, crude fat (min.) 13%, crude fiber (max.) 4%, moisture (max.) 10%, vitamin E (min.) 50 IU/kg, linoleic acid 2%
  • Form: dry food, freeze-dried
  • Top ingredients: salmon, salmon meal, peas, lentils, tapioca, garbanzo bens
  • Grain-free, no corn, wheat, and soy
  • Sizes available: 4 lb, 10 lb

Made with real limited ingredients, the freeze-dried kibbles of Canidae are great for Yorkiepoos in many ways. It is made up salmon and then raw coated with freeze-dried salmon to make your dog love the food. It contains Protein, sourced from salmon, and has a good impact on Yorkies health as Protein is what your lovely pet needs the most among many other essential things.

The probiotics, fatty acids, and antioxidants in Canidae grain-free pure petite with fresh salmon are good for your Yorkiepoo’s immune system, skin, lustrous coat, and digestion.

Canidae pure petite with fresh salmon made for the small breed is good for sensitive digestion and stomach issues as it is grain-free. Also, it has high Protein which has a good effect on Yorkiepoo.


 8. Hill’s Science Diet Adult

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • Lifestage:  extra small, small and toy breed; adult
  • Caloric Content: 371 kcal/cup
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 20%, crude fat (min.) 12.5%, crude fiber (max.) 4%, moisture (max.) 10%, vitamin E (min.) 700 IU/kg, ascorbic acid (min.) 90 MG/KG, omega-6 fatty acid (min.) 2.5%
  • Form: dry food
  • Top ingredients: chicken meal, whole grain wheat, brewers rice, soybean meal, whole grain sorghum, chicken fat
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors
  • Sizes available: 4.5 lb, 15.5 lb

The hill’s science diet has small kibbles best for a little canine mouth, formulated for dogs 1 to 6 years of age, the time when they need enough of nutrition to be healthy. Hill’s Science Diet Adult provides sufficient nutrition and energy to the dogs, has calcium that supports bones, and Protein that strengthens muscles. It has ingredients that make the digestion easy for a small Yorkiepoo.

The chicken and rice recipe has other ingredients like omega acid and vitamin in Hill’s Science Diet Adult dog food is good for Yorkiepoos’ skin and coat. The dog food is manufactured in the United States of America, and so every ingredient meets strict criteria for nutrient density and purity content which also exceed the standards set by the industry.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult is easy to digest for Yorkiepoo and is available for different life stages. It gives the required energy to the Yorkiepoo making your Yorkiepoo active. It also has Small-sized kibbles which are suitable for the Yorkiepoo.


9. American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Key features

  • Lifestage: small, medium, large breeds; puppy
  • Caloric content: 3640 kcal/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 30%, crude fat (min.) 12%, crude fiber (max.) 5%, moisture (max.) 10%, vitamin E (min.) 150 IU/kg, calcium (min.) 1.2%, omega-6 fatty acid (min.) 2%, omega-3 fatty acid 0.5%
  • Form: dry food
  • Top ingredients: deboned lamb, turkey meal, chicken meal, sweet potato, peas, chick peas
  • Gluten-free, Grain-free, no wheat, soy,
  • Sizes available: 4 lb, 12 lb, 24 lb

Protein is what Yorkiepoos’ require a lot and this American journey lamb and sweet potato recipe has high amounts of protein which strengthen muscles and increase mass. Secondly, this dog food is grain-free, which should be considered while choosing a best available food for your pet, so there will be less chance of having any health issues .

This lamb and sweet potato recipe, having nutrient profile above average, is made to meet the nutritional requirement of your Yorkiepoo. The ingredients like salmon oil,  fatty acids and, flaxseeds are good for the overall health of YorkiePoo as it supports brain and eye development. This delicious dog food also includes incredible ingredients that are included to give your developing canine friend  energy that lasts. With wholesome  vegetables and fruits like dried kelp, carrots and blueberries, your dog is getting the fiber it needs, phytonutrients and a ton of antioxidants.

American journey lamb and sweet potato has high protein and is grain-free. It also has small kibbles suitable for Yorkiepoo. Customers have witnessed a positive change in their puppies health.


10. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Key features

  • Lifestage: small breeds; puppies to adults
  • Caloric content: 3750 kcal/kg
  • Analysis: crude protein (min.) 23%, crude fat (min.) 13%, crude fiber (max.) 5%, moisture (max.) 10%, calcium (min.) 1.12%, phosphorus (min.) 0.92%, omega-6 fatty acid (min.) 2.5%, omega-3 fatty acids 0.4%
  • Form: dry
  • Top ingredients: chicken, chicken meal, peas, brown rice, chicken fat, sweet potatoes
  • No corn, wheat, or soy artificial colors and flavors
  • Sizes available: 5 lb, 15 lb, 30 lb

Natural balance original ultra whole body health chicken and sweet potato is for small breeds. It contains carbohydrates, and vitamins that are good for muscles, skin and bones of Yorkiepoo at every stage of life from puppy to and adult dog. This dog food is an optimal balance of all nutrients

This natural balance original dog food which is made from excellent quality of meat and fat is protein enrich and has proven itself to be a good choice for your Yorkiepoo.

Natural balance limited ingredient reduces itching and is beneficial for muscles and coat. Second best thing about this dog food is that it has small Grain-free kibbles. Thirdly it is for every age, so if suitable to your Yorkiepoo, you won’t have to worry about changing the dog food.

The dog food also contains high amount of carbs. few customers reported complaints of diarrhea in their dogs.


 What To Look For In Dog Food for Yorkiepoo

Below I have listed down some ingredients that differentiate between high-quality dog food and poor quality dog food. These are some things that you should keep an eye out for.


Water is an integral part of every living thing’s diet. We all need water to survive. Water is one of the most vital things to keep your Yorkiepoo hydrated and healthy. Always take a good look at the moisture content of the food your purchase for your Yorkiepoo. Another thing that you should always do is provide your Yorkiepoo with fresh, clean water at all times.

Nutrients and Minerals

Minerals such as manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, and potassium are super important for your Yorkiepoo’s health. Calcium helps to make the bones stronger; iron helps to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, and zinc helps to strengthen the immune system of your dog. L Carnitine is also an essential nutrient that acts as a transport for fatty acids and helps aid cellular production of energy. Dogs also require DL-Methionine, which is among the ten-plus necessary amino acids needed by dogs.


Fruits are not something that your dog cannot live without, but they are an excellent source of fiber. Fruits like apples and blueberries carry antioxidants and vitamin C, which are great for your Yorkiepoo’s skin and hair. Cranberries can also help cure urinary tract infections, and they also help kill certain bacteria to aid dental health.


Chicken, salmon, beef and rabbit and just some of the sources of meat. Protein is a vital part of any dog’s diet, and so you need to make sure that the dog food you give your Yorkiepoo has ample amount of animal sources protein in it. High-quality dog foods mostly list proteins at the top of the ingredient label.


Just like fruits, vegetables are not a necessary part of a dog’s diet. However, they do have a good effect on your dog’s health. Vegetables are known to provide flavor as well as energy and also encourage vitamin absorption. Vegetables can help keep your Yorkiepoo’s coat healthy and shiny. High-quality dog foods mostly contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, while the low-quality ones do not. Vegetables like sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin B, potassium, beta-carotene as well as antioxidants that specifically help your dog’s body battle against cancer-causing agents.

Grains and Carbohydrates

Grains are added in most dog foods as a source of carbohydrates which in turn are excellent sources of energy. They help keep dogs active and happy. If you have a Yorkiepoo that is allergic to carbs, then you should consider oats, corn, beans, soy, barley, or wheat. Grains help to keep your dog’s digestive system in excellent shape.


Fats have always been cast off as the enemy, but in reality, that’s not true. Excess of fats is bad for you and your dog, but that doesn’t mean that your dog can survive without zero fats in its diet. Fats provide energy and also help your dog’s body absorb vitamins. Just like grains, fats help to keep your Yorkiepoo’s coats shiny and silky. You should look for high-quality fats such as fish oil, canola oil, Omega-6, Omega-3, olive oil as well as chicken fat.

How to Choose Dog Food for your Yorkiepoo?

When choosing dog food for your canine friend, it’s important to take a couple of factors into consideration, such as the age, weight, activity level, and allergies of your Yorkiepoo. Continue reading to find out more.

Consider your Yorkiepoo’s activity, age, and reproductive status

The behavior, physical characteristics, as well as the overall health of your Yorkiepoo, actually play a big role in deciding what dog food is best for your pup. Puppies require many more calories as compared to the adult dog as they need the energy to grow and develop plus they are much more active than their older friends. The same goes for lactating or pregnant female dogs; female Yorkiepoo’s need enough calories to fuel their pregnancy as well as the entire lactating process. Similarly, if your dog is an active pup, then he needs more energy too, hence more calories.

Another major difference is the size of the kibble. You need to buy dog food that your Yorkiepoo can easily breakdown and swallow. Your dog’s comfort and safety should be your number one priority.

Take a look at the ingredients

I honestly cannot stress this enough. You should never buy food for your Yorkiepoo without taking a look at the ingredient label on the packaging. The first you need to make sure is that the food should have an ample amount of protein from animal sources. Choose food with a meat or meat meal as the first ingredient. Meat is a rather open-ended term; it can include skeletal muscle of an animal or tissue from the esophagus, heart, diaphragm, among other things. Meat by-products are a completely separate story. Meat by-products include the non-rendered parts of an animal sans meat and can include things like the brain, lungs, blood, kidneys, bones, and much more. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials, the food should not contain any parts of the hooves, teeth, horns or hair.

Another thing you need to keep an eye out for is does the food contains any ingredients that your Yorkiepoo is allergic to. Also make sure that the first ingredient listed on the food label is not a tuber, grain or vegetable, such as beetroot or corn. The fact of the matter is that sure corn is digestible, but that does not mean that it offers any good nutritional value. Corn has a negligible amount of mineral and vitamin content and is super low in protein. You might get duped by manufacturers to believe that carbohydrates are great for dogs, but the only reason they hype it up so much is that it’s inexpensive. Corn is not truly bad for dogs, but it does not provide dogs with all the nutrients that they require.

Consider if grain-free is right for your Yorkiepoo

Grain sensitivity is quite common in dogs. If you think your Yorkiepoo is allergic to grain, then you should consult a vet just to be absolutely sure. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Grains are generally not that bad for bags unless and until the canine has a severe allergy. If you are not sure if your canine friend is allergic to grains or not,here are some signs that you should look out for:

  • Excessive scratching
  • Excessive licking
  • Diarrhea

How Often Should I Feed My Yorkiepoo?

The feeding schedule for feeding puppies and adult dogs are quite different, for obvious purposes. Puppies have small stomachs, and they are much more active as compared to adult Yorkiepoos. This means that they need to be fed more calories as well as more meals per day as compared to their senior counterparts.

Puppies should be fed about four meals a day; this should be done for puppies below the age of four months. Puppies older than four months should be fed three meals a day until they are about six months of age.

When feeding puppies, you need to make sure that you are feeding them a diet that is specifically designed for their age and their breed size. This simple point helps to make sure that your Yorkiepoo pup is receiving the appropriate and necessary nutrients it needs to grow and have proper bone development.

If you have a Yorkiepoo that is older than twelve months, then you should take the canine about three meals a day. You can space these meals out according to your own discretion. Smaller breeds burn calories much faster than bigger dog breeds, and so your Yorkiepoo needs much more energy than the average dog. Just remember that little and often is the key.

Your goal should be to provide your Yorkiepoo with a healthy diet that provides the pup with all the nutrients it needs to develop. You should try to stick to one variety of high-quality complete balanced dog food and do not add any supplements until and unless your dog’s vet recommends it. Giving your dog an ample amount of supplements can be dangerous and quite harmful for your Yorkiepoo.

Another thing that you should be wary about is not to overfeed your canine friend. Overfeeding is rather common as dogs love to eat. Not all dogs need to eat the amount recommended by the food manufacturers. Just keep in mind that the right amount of food will produce firm, crinkly, dark stools. This might seem a little disgusting, but you really do need to inspect your dog’s stool from time to time just to make sure that the canine is in tip-top health. If your dog’s stools are firm but get softer towards the end, this is a classic sign of overfeeding.

Never feed your dog before you travel in the car as this can lead to car sickness. The same rule applies to before, and after exercise; this actually leads to stomach torsion and dilation, which is pretty severe and can be life-threatening. It may even require immediate vet intervention.

This next piece of information might not apply to Yorkiepoos, but it’s something that you should know. When it comes to medium and large breeds of dogs, always feed them in a raised bowl. This helps to prevent the swallowing of air while they eat, which can lead to bloat. I’m sure by this point you must be thinking that everything literally leads to your dog getting bloating. Well, you might be right to believe that, so it becomes that much more vital to look after your dog. Bloating for dogs is no joke. If you have a dog breed that is susceptible to this condition, then the best thing you can do is seek advice from your vet or breeder for further precautionary measures.

Changing your dog’s diet abruptly can cause many problems, so you should never do that. Instead, take about a week or ten days to slowly and gradually introduce your dog to a new diet until and unless its recommended by your dog’s vet.

When your Yorkiepoo is eating from the bowl, its best to leave the poor pup alone, if you take the bowl away from your dog when it’s eating, it causes anxiety, which can ultimately lead to aggressive behavior. If your goal is for your dog to feel secure, at peace and comfortable in your home, then it’s best not to approach your canine friend during meal hours. In order to bond with your pet, you can keep on adding little amounts of food to the bowl while he eats, to make the dog understand that you are not a threat to him.

Never, I seriously mean never feed your dog table scraps. Feeding your dog from the table actually encourages attention-seeking behavior like barking, begging, and drooling. If you want to enjoy your lunch or dinner in peace, don’t get your dog used to eating from the table.

This is actually the most critical thing! You need to make sure that your dog has access to clean and fresh water at all times. It’s super important that your dog stays hydrated. Never take away the pup’s water bowl and make sure it’s always full.

Common Yorkiepoo Health Issues

Like all living things, Yorkiepoos also suffer from certain health conditions, but with proper awareness, you can nip the issues in the bud.

Legg Perthes Disease

This is a genetic issue and is passed down to offsprings from their parents. This disease is marked by hip joint issues. In this disease, the femur bone of the poor pup becomes weak due to a lack of blood supply. This leads to the hip joint losing its strength, and it becomes deformed. The signs and symptoms are actually more prominent after about 4 or 6 months.

A Yorkiepoo suffering from the Legg Perthes Disease turns lame, suffers from pain, and begins to limp while walking. The best remedy for this disorder is surgery.

Retinal Dysplasia

Retinal Dysplasia is another health problem that is genetic. In this disease, the eye of the Yorkiepoo begins to function in an irregular manner. The fact that this disease is hereditary, hence breeders try to avoid breeding Yorkiepoos suffering from this disease.

This problem can be easily detected by the vet by examining your dog’s eyes. If the retina of the dog is affected, the dog will most probably just have smaller blind spots without any major impacts, but if the case gets too severe, it can actually lead to blindness. Unfortunately, there is really no cure for this disease, and the only thing you can do is to train your dog to deal with the problems with his vision.

Kneecap Dislocation

This is another bone density related disease that is rather common among Yorkiepoos. This knee cap dislocation is actually a congenital disease that results in the kneecap of the affected canine to pop out of the knee joint. This happens on a regular basis.

The problem begins at birth and occurs due to the improper development of the tissues as well as the tendons around the kneecap, which causes instability. When the knee is under pressure it basically just pops out though it does return to normalcy. When this happens, your Yorkiepoo will more often than not scream out in pain. This is when you know something is wrong. The poor canine will then continue to limp or just avoid walking altogether for a few minutes.

Surgery can put an end to your dog’s anguish permanently, and there are many physical therapy treatments that can help your pup to some extent.

Liver Shunt

This health condition is also known as Portosystemic Shunt, and it occurs due to the abnormality of a portal vein. This is another hereditary problem among Yorkiepoos, and it leads to the obstruction of blood supply to the liver.

Symptoms of Liver Shunt include:

  • Vision loss
  • Severe weight loss
  • Muscular Weakness
  • Jaundice
  • Seizures
  • Loss of appetite
  • Behavioral changes
  • Lethargy

This disease should not be taken lightly; it’s actually rather fatal unless treated early. Antibiotics and other similar types of medication coupled with dietary control can help to keep the disease at bay. In the end, surgery is the only permanent solution to this dreadful disease.

Skin Allergies

As discussed again and again in this article, dog allergies are real and can cause your dog to become very sick. Chemicals, pollen, fleas, and molds are just some of the things that trigger skin allergies among Yorkiepoos.

Irritation, excessive scratching, and hair loss are just some tell-tale signs of skin allergy among dogs. You need to keep in mind that certain allergies caused by wasps or bees are also life-threatening for your Yorkiepoo.

Collapsed Trachea

This is relatively common among small breed dogs, and this is one of the genetic problems that Yorkiepoos face. A Yorkiepoo that is affected by this disease will have an abnormally narrow trachea, commonly known as the windpipe. The main reason for this health disorder is the hereditary weakness of the rings that hold the windpipes in undersized dogs like Yorkiepoos. Dog collars actually make everything much worse.

If your Yorkiepoo seems noisy and has trouble breathing, then the poor animal most probably has a collapsed trachea. Continuous gagging and coughing sounds also indicate that something is wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I feed my Yorkiepoo?

You should start by taking a look at the feeding recommendations on your dog’s food. Most of the dog foods that are high in quality suggest approximately 1 to ½ cups per 10kg of body weight per day for Yorkiepoos. This is because they require 15 to 25 percent more calories per pound as compared to larger breeds.

How can I stop my Yorkiepoo from rushing his food at mealtimes?

The gulping up of food at high-speeds is actually a very common thing among dogs. The problem with this is that they end up swallowing a lot of air too, which leads to bloating and causes stomach and digestive issues. The best thing to do is to place a large object such as a ball in your dog’s bowl to encourage the pup to take smaller bites, and you can even use treat dispenser toys that have built-in obstructions. You should also feed your dogs separately if you have more than one dog, this limits competition for food.

How can I introduce new food to my Yorkiepoos diet?

Introducing new food to your dog’s diet can be rather tricky. The most important thing you need to understand is not to change your dog’s diet abruptly; this can cause many issues. You should introduce new food to your dog gradually as the number and type of bacteria in your dog’s intestine, which aid digestion can be changed and their ability to digest food can be drastically affected. Digs can be super sensitive to change so its best to carry out the transition slowly and gradually and gap it out over a week. You should start by mixing the new food with your usual brand, and then slowly increase the portion of the new food and decrease the amount of old dog food. You should stop if there are any signs of digestive issues such as Diarrhea or vomiting.

Can I feed my Yorkiepoo grapes or raisins?

You should never feed your dog grapes or raisins. No one is actually sure about the toxic material in grapes and raisins, but it is known to lead to kidney failure in dogs. Dogs are already prone to many health conditions, and even one raisin can be highly toxic for the poor creature. There is a safe amount of grapes or raisins that you can feed your dog. If your dog accidentally consumes grapes or raisins or foods that contain grapes or raisins, the first thing you should do is remove the source and then immediately call your vet. It is likely that the vet will ask you to bring your Yorkiepoo to the clinic, and in that case, you should always take the box or the wrapper containing the food. Never try to give your Yorkiepoo saltwater or induce vomiting.

Can I feed my Yorkiepoo bones?

Before I answer this question, I need you to clear your mind of all the dog cartoons you have seen all your life. Clear out Pluto licking that big bone. Feeding your dog bones might seem like the right thing to do and a good idea, but you need to understand that bones can actually choke your dog or the poor creature might just develop an intestinal obstruction after swallowing a piece of bone. Bones can also damage your dog’s teeth while he chews on them, and bone splinters can also puncture your dog’s digestive tract. After reading all this if you still want to take the risk and feed your Yorkiepoo a bone then I would suggest keeping an eye on your pup while he tucks in and does not give your dog bones that are cooked as they tend to splinter much more easily. Also, avoid bones that are small enough to get stuck in your dog’s intestines. Another thing to keep in mind is that feeding your dog too many bones can lead to constipation and so you should always monitor the number of bones your dog consumes. Its better to be safe than sorry, so try keeping your Yorkiepoo away from bones.


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