The 14 Best Dog Toys For Huskies

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Update

Here’s the deal:

With thousands of different options, buying the right toys for your husky can become really challenging.

But if you buy the right one, not only will you be able to satisfy their needs, but also greatly increase their enjoyment and pleasure.

And that’s what we’re here to help you with today. We’ll cover in detail as to what toys you should choose and which ones are perfect for huskies along with our recommendations.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dig into it!

Best Indestructible Chewing Toys For Huskies


Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy


  • Contains real bacon flavour for a tempting scent and taste
  • Strong build and made to last the wear and tear by aggressive chewers
  • Made in the USA from locally sourced materials including bacon for taste
  • Benebone contributes to the welfare of dogs through donations
  • Designed especially for dogs for better grip and easy chewing

There’s a reason why the benebone wishbone has over 10,000 reviews on Amazon. The chewing toy is an absolute essential for huskies and also comes with many cool features. For starters, the dog bone is flavoured with real bacon with an amazing taste and scent which makes it difficult for huskies to resist. Its great design with grooves allows for better grip and the toy is made exclusively in the USA with locally sourced materials as well.


Extreme Goodie Bone Large


  • Best for aggressive chewers – made from Kong’s extreme black rubber formula
  • Can be stuffed – hollow ends allow owners to fill bone with snacks and treats
  • Great for keeping your dog busy – snack filling ability and shape provides a challenge
  • Comes with Kong’s 60-days satisfaction guarantee

Kong has reinvented the classic dog bone by reinforcing the design through a unique rubber material. The chew toy is made from Kong’s extreme black rubber formula which can endure substantial amounts of wear by aggressive chewers and still maintain its shape. More than that, you have the option of filling the ends of the bone with your husky’s favourite snacks which provides plenty of mental stimulation to dogs.


KONG -- Extreme Dog Toy


How to Use a Kong Dog Toy - 90% of Behavior Problems Eliminated
  • Must have for every husky owner – two-in-one design for chewing and fetching
  • Super tough built – made from Kong’s durable extreme rubber formula
  • Keeps huskies busy for a long time – can be filled with treats for more stimulation
  • Reduces anxiety and boredom – chewing action helps fight mental issues with huskies

If there’s a chewing toy that’s a must for every husky or dog owner, it’s Kong’s Extreme Dog Toy. The toy acts as a chewing toy and a fetching toy in one, thanks to its durable quality and ability to bounce. More so, the dog toy hollow design allows owners to freeze treats inside to keep their husky busy for a long time. And let’s not forget the tons of benefits it has for huskies that suffer from anxiety and boredom.


Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug


  • Rope style chewing toy with 3 knots for chewing and tugging action
  • Made from durable cotton fibres which can withstand vigorous chewing
  • Comparatively safe from other toys – cotton does no harm if ingested in small amounts
  • Can be washed – increases the toy’s life and helps remove germs and odour

Some huskies seem to shred every single toy to pieces. But luckily, we’ve got a chewing toy for you that can withstand the most aggressive chewers. The mammoth flossy chews rope is made out of a coloured cotton rope which is great for chewing as well as tugging. The strong cotton fibres can help survive lots of wear and tear without giving in, and can even be washed every once in a while. All-in-all, it’s the perfect toy if you’ve got a husky that can rip apart almost every chewing toy.


SPOT Skinneeez | Stuffless Dog Toy with Squeaker for All Dogs

Ethical Pet

  • Satisfies natural instincts of huskies – fulfils their need to chase after small animals
  • Bright colours and soft fur attracts huskies and keep them busy
  • Stuffless design means your husky is less likely to chew through the inside of the toy
  • Contains squeakers in head and tail – interests huskies who like squeaking toys
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee for 18 months

It’s a well-known fact that huskies like to chase after small animals, then why not give them such a toy? The Spot Skineeez dog toy is shaped like a fox with a bright crimson coat that gives an extra-real feel. Bu the special highlight here is the stuffless design of the toy. This means that your husky will be less willing to tear the toy apart. More so, the head and tail of the toy contain squeakers which drive dog’s absolutely nuts over them!

Buyer’s Guide

There are literally thousands of dog toys available on the internet. This makes it extremely difficult for a normal dog owner to purchase a few toys specifically for a breed such as Huskies. However, we have simplified the process for you so you can buy the perfect toy according to your husky and their specific personality. Below, you will find all the information to help you become a pro at choosing the right toy for you or any other husky.

4 Types and How to Use Them Right

Dog Toys - the 4 Types and How to Use Them Right

Types Of Toys For Huskies

There are tons of options available in the market for toys each of which serves a different purpose. However, most of them can be classified into specific categories to make the choice easier for customers. You want to ensure that your husky has all the toys that are required to keep him active, give him challenges and mentally stimulate him. Here are the different categories of dog toys for huskies:

Chewing Toys

These are perhaps the most basic and important type of toys for huskies. Chewing toys are a great choice for keeping your dog busy and engaged for long periods of time. They’re also especially useful for satisfying their natural instinct to chew on stuff, which can become quite destructive if no chewing toys are present.

If you’ve got a puppy husky, chewing toys become an absolute essential. Because at some point, they’re going to start teething. And if they’re not provided with a toy to chew on, they’ll turn to your shoes and furniture and that’s the last thing you want. Also, because huskies tend to be pretty tough chewers, we would advise you to look for indestructible chewing toys if you want them to be safe and the toys to last.

Training Toys

Exercise is a crucial part of a husky’s well-being as they’re very active and playful dogs. They require regular physical exertion so that they are too tired to become destructive or cause problems. One great type of toy for this is a fetching toy. These come in the shape of frisbees or a ball with which you can play fetch with your husky at parks or in your backyard.

And the second type is a tugging toy. Sometimes, huskies get urges to pull and tug at things. And while you might not be enjoying fighting for your new clothes, your husky certainly is. So, in order to satisfy their natural urge to pull and tug, you can buy them tugging toys and regularly engage with them in a friendly and non-destructive game of tug-of-war.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are necessary for mentally stimulating your husky and challenging their minds. These toys will allow them to improve their mental skills and keep them busy for a good amount of time. Also, huskies are especially drawn towards puzzle and interactive games as they’re a very intelligent breed, so you really can’t go wrong with them. More than that, if you want to make them even more fun, buy those where you can hide a treat or snack for them as a reward.

Squeaking Toys

Another category of toys for huskies is squeaking toys. These are usually in the shape of a mat or some toy which squeaks when pressed. The majority of huskies like them, while some are absolutely crazy over the curiosity of what is making the sound. If your husky likes squeaky things, this one is a must for them. Just make sure that the toy is made out of the most durable material and isn’t stuffed as huskies are extremely rough chewers.

Things To Look For In Toys For Huskies

Like every other product, there are certain features and aspects of a dog toy as well. You must look after each one of them carefully so that you can buy the best possible toy for your husky. Once you’ve got down the type of toy you’re looking for, it will become clearer as to what you need in a toy. Here are some of the most common factors for dog toys:

Materials and Durability

Huskies are famous aggressive chewers and can shred apart any normal toy within minutes. That’s why material plays the most important role when deciding which toy to buy for your husky. Mostly, dog toys are made out of a few basic materials; rubbers, rope, cloth and plastic. Always ensure that you’re buying the toughest and most durable toy out of the whole category of toy you’re purchasing. Not only is this for safety purposes but also so that your husky can enjoy the toy for a long time without damaging it.

Safe and Secure

No matter what toy you’re purchasing, safety is an absolute must. After all, no one wants their husky to suffer unnecessary pain due to your negligence. Not to mention the hefty bills you have to pay for veterinary care and checkups in case of an accident. Optimally, you should look for as many safety features as you can. But there are a few important factors and checkpoints that ensure that the toy is completely safe for a husky.

One of them is size. Huskies are a medium-large sized breed that weighs 35-60 lbs. on average. Most dog toys are made in different sizes for safety reasons. For huskies, you should always purchase dog toys for medium or large breeds. This removes any potential hazard of choking or hurting your dog’s jaw if the toys are too big.

The second factor includes safety features. Always look for dog toys that are made out of non-toxic materials and are preferably compliant with the FDA. Make sure that the toys you’re buying are washable as they can become pretty stinky and dirty after a while. Avoid buying toys which you think can be easily swallowed or a piece of them can be swallowed.

Engaging and Interactive

All husky owners would want their pup to truly enjoy every toy they buy for a long time. However, most owners miss out on the fact that huskies are more intelligent and active than the average breed. Therefore, you must make sure that the toys you’re buying are engaging and up to their level of intelligence. When choosing puzzle toys, try to pick those that are made for more intelligent dogs as most husky will tend to find a way around solving them pretty quickly.

More than that, you can also choose the classic and ever-lasting toys such as balls and frisbees. You can play fetch with them for as long as they last and your husky will never get bored. Also, try to mix up their collection of toys by purchasing a totally different type of toy to maintain their curiosity and enjoyment.

Personality of Huskies

In order to choose the perfect toy for a husky, you must first become aware of their personality so you can buy the right toys that please them. Here are a few main traits of the Siberian husky breed:

  • Active and Athletic: Siberian huskies are sledge dogs that are bred for running long distances while carrying lightweight in cold climates. They tend to be very athletic and agile and enjoy being outdoors. Because they are so active, they require significant physical exercise, particularly during cold weather to keep them satisfied.
  • Energetic and Playful: Huskies are full of energy and love to play indoor and outdoor games. They are especially fond of games like fetch and running which helps them let off their energy. More so, they’re also great with humans as well as kids and love to interact and play with people.
  • Smart and Independent: Both intelligence and independence are very prominent traits of huskies. They’re very intelligent and will outsmart most things and find their way around restriction and barriers placed by their owners. Not only this, but they’re also very independent and can even show some dominance over their family members. Both of these mean that they require toys that constantly challenge their thinking capabilities and keep them occupied so they don’t have time to cause trouble.


Which toys are best for Siberian Huskies?

The best toy for your husky really depends on their personality. Some would like fetching toys and interactive ones, while others would prefer chewing toys more. However, both fetching and chewing toys are always a good option for any husky as all of them are active dogs and love chewing.

Do huskies usually get bored?

Yes, they can get bored really easy. It’s in their personalities to be outgoing and active, and if they’re kept indoors or isolated for even a little time, they can become really bored. However, what’s more worrisome is that they can become really destructive in this state, so be cautious.

What toys do husky puppies like most?

The best toys for husky puppies would be chewing and squeaking toys. Because all puppies come to a stage where they’re teething, they need something comfortable they can chew on because their gums are hurting. Also, husky puppies go crazy over plush squeaking toys due to the sound they make.

Which toys are best to keep huskies entertained when at work?

While you’re at work, the best toys to keep huskies entertained would be puzzle toys, chewing toys and tugging toys. Both puzzle and tugging toys are great for keeping your husky’s mind busy and helping them release their energy through tugging. Chewing toys are also great for reducing separation anxiety and boredom.

Are huskies’ destructive chewers?

Yes, huskies are very aggressive and destructive chewers due to their personality and size. Huskies have really powerful jaws and can easily shred things apart in little time. Also, because they are such energetic and active breeds, leaving them bored for even a little while can cause them to start tearing down things in your house.

Do huskies like playing fetch?

Absolutely. Fetch is one of the best games you can play with huskies. Not only is it great for helping them release their energy, but it also increases interaction. Both chewing balls and frisbees work great for this game.

Are husky puppies’ aggressive chewers?

Although not aggressive such that they’re powerful, but husky puppies can get pretty aggressive in the sense that they’ll try to chew everything they see. This is because when they start teething, they need something to help relieve soreness of their gums. Because of this, it’s best you get them a set of chewing bones like the ones in our list.

What are the best ways to mentally stimulate a husky?

Puzzle games, hide-and-seek and teaching tricks are all great ways to mentally stimulate a husky. Puzzle games can help them improve their thinking skills and smelling sense, while hide-and-seek will also allow them to use their brains. Teaching them new tricks is also a great way to mentally stimulate them.

Best Puzzle Dog Toys For Huskies


Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

Outward Hound

  • Perfect for introducing puzzle games to huskies due to simple design
  • Contains 20 different treat compartments which keep dogs busy for longer
  • Flipping, sliding and finding pieces for greater engagement and enjoyment
  • Help reduce boredom and increase mental stimulation
  • Can be easily cleaned with soap and water due to easy deconstruction

The Outward hound Ottosson puzzle is a great beginners puzzle toys for huskies. The interactive toy contains 20 different treat compartments with slide, flip and find functions to help find treats. It increases your dog’s mental stimulation and scent holes improve their smelling senses. If you’ve never bought your husky a puzzle toy before, this is a great option to start off with.


Trixie Pet Products


  • Great toy for challenging your husky’s problem-solving capacity
  • Compartments and cones help hide treat which dogs can find by sniffing
  • Great for providing mental stimulation and keeping your husky busy for long
  • Made from plastic and rubber and can easily be washed

There’s no doubt that huskies are extremely clever. So, if you’ve got a smart pup on your hands, the Trixie Chess Puzzle is the toy for you. The strategy-based games allow owners to hide treats in compartments, a cone, or both for an even tougher challenge. It’s great for keeping your husky busy for a long period of time, increasing their thinking capacity and challenging their problem-solving skills.

Best Fetching Dog Toys For Huskies


Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball


  • Made from a durable material that can withstand plenty of chewing
  • Tested and approved for safety and health standards
  • Can be filled with your husky’s favourite treats or kibbles for attraction
  • Provides lots of mental stimulation and is great for keeping them occupied

The starmark chew ball redesigns the standard fetch ball into a treat dispenser plus ball. It’s made out a tough rubber compound that’s stronger than natural rubber. The hollow cavity in the ball can easily be filled with treats or kibbles to give your husky an incentive to play. More than that, the chew ball has been tested for safety and health standards for protection against accidents.


KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy


  • Built from the same extreme rubber formula as Kong’s other famous dog toys
  • Lots of bounce and buoyant properties which huskies tend to love
  • Puncture resistant and can endure aggressive chewing without breaking
  • Covered with Kong’s 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Reduces destructive chewing and separation anxiety in dogs

Along with the line-up of Kong’s super strong dog toys is the extreme ball. It’s made out of the same extreme rubber formula as the other products of Kong which makes it almost indestructible. The toy is great for playing interactive games like fetch and is puncture resistant so you don’t have to worry about your dog damaging it. It also acts as a great chewing toy to help fight separation anxiety and boredom. And similar to other Kong products, it’s also covered by their satisfaction guarantee.


Chuckit Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy Large


  • Frisbee that flies far and high – best for playing fetch with huskies
  • Nylon interior with rubber tipping that’s easy on your husky’s mouth
  • Bright attractive exterior which is also easy to see during the day
  • Can float and is great for playing near pools and ponds

If your husky is a fan of frisbees instead of balls, the Chuckit Paraflight Dog Toy is the choice for you. The frisbee flies high and far and can also float so is great for playing at pools too. Its sturdy build quality with nylon and rubber makes it gentle on your husky’s teeth and gums without compromising on its life. For all the super-active huskies out there, the Chuckit Paraflight is the toy to go for!

Best Tugging Dog Toys For Huskies


Goughnuts -- TuG Interactive Large Dog Toy -- MaXX Black


  • Made from a tough material that can take lots of tugging
  • Double-ring design ensures safety and reduces any chances of accidents
  • Great for satisfying the pulling and tugging urges of huskies
  • Best for interactive games like tug-of-war to help you bond with your husky

The Goughnut TuG toy is the perfect way to let your husky release their energy and tugging urges. The toy is very durable and can take lots of aggressive tugging and pulling without breaking. Its design is focused towards both enjoyment and safety of your husky with a non-edible shape. If you don’t frequently have time to take your husky out for playing, the Goughnut TuG toy can be an excellent way for fun indoor interactive playing.

The Goughnut TuG toy is the perfect way to let your husky release their energy and tugging urges. The toy is very durable and can take lots of aggressive tugging and pulling without breaking. Its design is focused towards both enjoyment and safety of your husky with a non-edible shape. If you don’t frequently have time to take your husky out for playing, the Goughnut TuG toy can be an excellent way for fun indoor interactive playing.


West Paw Design Zogoflex Tug-o-War Dog Toy

West Paw Design

  • Solid build and durability which allows the toy to stretch up to 2 times its length
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee against dog damage
  • Made from non-toxic material and is FDA-compliant
  • Recyclable and dishwasher safe so can easily be cleaned

For owners that have really aggressive huskies, the West Paw Design Tug-o-war toy is the way to go. The main reason for its recommendation is the material it’s made out of, which can stretch up to two times its length without breaking. It’s also FDA-compliant, certified safe and rated non-toxic for dogs for that extra peace of mind. More so, it’s protected by a 100% guarantee against dog damage in case your husky get’s extra rough with it.

Best Dog Toys For Husky Puppies


Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Dog Chew Toys


  • 3-bone toy pack for different stages of a husky puppy
  • Teething toy, chewing toy and edible treat toy for encouraging teething and chewing urges
  • Teething and chewing toy is chicken flavoured – chewing treat is lamb & apple flavoured
  • Helps alleviate pain in gums while puppies are teething
  • Fights separation anxiety and chewing urges in puppies especially during the teething stage

Husky puppies have a totally different set of needs when it comes to dog toys. And to fulfil that need, Nylabone puppy starter kit chew toys are the way to go. It includes a teething toy bone, a normal chewing toy bone and an edible toy bone. The teething one greatly helps in alleviating pain during from sore gums. The normal chewing bone and edible chewing bone are both so your puppy can have something to bite onto and taste.


ZippyPaws -- Loopy Hedgehog No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy


  • Appearance that resembles a small prey which highly attracts husky puppies
  • Plush toy with a soft fur which is easy on the mouth of puppies
  • Doesn’t contains any stuffing which prevents mess and increases its life
  • Has 6 squeakers placed throughout the body of the toy for even more enjoyment            

Puppies are particularly playful in their growing stages, and the Zippypaws Hedgehog toy is perfect for them. This plush toy with a soft fur highly attracts puppies due to its appearance of a small animal they can prey on. However, unlike traditional soft toys, this one isn’t stuffed to ensure the toy can last a long time. More so, it contains 6 different squeakers placed all around the toy which makes puppies go crazy over it.


Huskies are excellent pets and incredibly smart creatures that have high energy. We’ve tried to cover and review all toys that an owner could ever need to keep their husky happy, whether you have an adult or a puppy. You can also look over anything that confuses you about what toy you should purchase through the buyer’s guide. Safe to say, if you are even able to get a few of these, not only will the toys last you a long time, but they’ll also provide plenty of entertainment and satisfaction to your husky.