The Best (Indestructible) Squeaky Dog Toys

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Update

If you have a lot of dog toys in your home, you know your baby prefers the one that can make some noise – or squeak to be exact. 

It is natural for most animals to react to sounds – but for dogs, sounds are just as interesting as laser lights are for cats. They are blessed with a strong sense of hearing. They will raise ears even at the slightest of sound. They run around looking for the source of sound. That is how we know adding sounds to their toys is a good way to keep them engaged and happy.

That is why it is a good idea to give them a toy that squeak. These are the kind of toys they really enjoy and even fall in love with. And you will absolutely love the way they play with them. Even if the squeak is a little annoying, watching your babies play is quite a gratifying experience.

So, if you are ready for that experience, you need to find squeaky dog toys that are fun for your furbaby and sturdy enough to last.

Let’s start with my top picks.

My Top 5 Picks for Best Squeaky Dog Toys


KONG Air Squeakair Birthday Ball

  • Looks like every dog’s favorite tennis balls but in pretty colors
  • Non-abrasive fabric to protect dog’s teeth and gums
  • Made of high-quality, durable BPA-free rubber
  • Comes in four different sizes to choose from
  • A great way to teach your dog to fetch

This one is on the top of my list because of its simplicity. It is simple tennis ball but with a squeak to grab your baby’s attention. It is a great way to keep your dog busy with a game of fetch. It is made of highly durable material that can take quite a lot of chewing – without hurting your baby’s gum. That is what makes it better than a regular tennis ball for your baby. Kong has four different sizes and two different varieties of Squeakair ball; I choose ‘Birthday Ball’ pack because most dogs just love the colors.


Nerf Dog Squeak Rubber Football Dog Toy

  • Made of top quality BPA-free rubber approved by FDA
  • Waterproof and long-lasting squeaky toy suitable for large breed
  • Spiral ridges to ensure easy grip even when the ball is wet
  • Perfect for outdoor playtime
  • Comes in different colors and sizes

Yes, I have another ball in the list because let’s be honest, dogs love a good game of fetch. And if you are a football fanatic yourself, your pup probably already has eyes on your football. Why not buy one for your baby? You won’t find one better than this. First of all, it’s made of food-grade, BPA free rubber that is FDA approved. Secondly, the design just makes it easier to throw and catch. And not to mention, it squeaks quite easily and the squeaker won’t come out.  


JW Pet iSqueak Bouncin’ Bowlin Pin Dog Toy

  • Bouncy and squeaky toy made of durable rubber  
  • A very interesting bowling pin shape
  • Most suitable for pups and smaller dogs
  • Comes in three sizes and five colors

If you are looking for a toy your dog can use with little assistance from you, this can be your best bet. First of all, it is on my list because it is definitely indestructible, provided that you are choosing the right size for your pal. Secondly, it bounces really well and keeps the dog engaged for a long while. The squeak is another plus. However, smaller dogs and pups won’t be able to get it to squeak too easily. That may be because of the thicker material.


ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Toy

  • A set of three cute plush creatures
  • Stuffing less plush toys that won’t be messy
  • Each toy has two squeakers in it
  • Suitable for small to medium sized dogs
  • Perfect for dogs with weaker teeth and gums

Most rubber toys can be a bit too rough for a dog with dental issues. Plush toys are a great alternative but if you don’t want a lot of mess, these no-stuffing toys are great. The only thing they pack is a squeaker and lots of fun. They are quite soft even without the stuffing, and quite durable despite being soft. You get three in each set: a raccoon, a fox and a cute little squirrel. If you feel your baby needs a bunch of companions, then it’s definitely a great option.


Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Dog Ball High Bounce

  • Made of highly durable and safe rubber
  • High-bounce ball to make fetch more fun
  • Textured surface to ensure better grip
  • Designed to float in water  
  • Available in three different sizes

Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball looks like Nemo rolled into a ball. Its color is just one of the things that make it so attractive for pups. The way it bounces also catches every dog’s attention. What I love about this squeaky ball is how it floats in water. The textured surface makes it easy to grip even when it’s wet. So, if you have furry friend who loves to play in water, this toy will add some more fun to the pool. Get the size suitable for your dog’s muzzle.


FAQs: Best Squeaky Dog Toys

We have a few more finds to share. But first we need to get a few important questions out of the way.

Are squeaky toys safe for dogs?

Squeaky dog toys are safe but you need to be careful when choosing one for your dog. Make sure you are buying a high quality toy that won’t lose its squeaker. Otherwise, it can be a choking hazard. As far as the sound is concerned, the squeak is not harmful for your dog’s ears.

Do dogs actually like squeaky toys?

Yes, dogs like squeaky toys for many reasons. For starters, they have sensitive hearing and are attractive towards sounds. Also, the squeak that comes out of the toy triggers their predatory instincts. I will explain that and other reasons in the next section.

Do dogs have sensitive hearing?

Yes, dogs have sensitive hearing. It is around four times stronger than human hearing. That is also one of the reasons they get easily distracted by the slightest of sound. Studies show that threshold and sensitivity varies from breed to breed.

Can squeaky toys be too loud for dogs?

No. While dogs do have sensitive ears, the squeak of these toys are in no way loud enough to cause any damage to your dog’s hearing. However, do keep them away from other noise making toys that arent meant for kanines.

Can squeaky toys make my dog aggressive?

The answer is not that simple. Dogs have a natural tendency to get aggressive when they are playing with something they can chew. The squeak might further trigger their predator instincts, but as with any toy, you must supervise playtime to make sure your friend doesn’t get too aggressive.

Why does my dog cry when its toy squeaks?

It is not unusual for dogs to cry in response of a squeak. They often confuse the squeak with a distress cry from another animal and cry in response. That is usually the case with dogs that aren’t too aggressive or the ones that have lived along smaller animals.

Can I turn any dog toy into a squeaky toy?

While you can find tutorials of turning regular dog toys into squeaky toys, it is something I would never recommend. Top quality squeaky toys are designed to make sure the squeaker stays in place and doesn’t put your baby at risk. Homemade squeaky toys won’t be that sturdy.  

Can squeaky toys be used for training dogs?

Yes, you can use a squeaky toy as an audio reinforcer during dog’s training. It can be a good alternative to a clicker used for such trainings.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Indestructible Squeaky Dog Toys

There may be still a few concerns you need to be answered before you go on your hunt for the best squeaker buddy for your four legged friend. Keep reading to get all the information you need to find your best pick.

Of Hounds and Sounds

Dogs are attracted to sounds, there is no doubt about that.

If your dog is no longer playing with the regular tennis ball or keeps going back to the things it shouldn’t be playing with instead of its own toys, you need to bring home a squeaker.

Dogs have sensitive hearing. They get distracted by sounds —  and that means you can use it to your advantage. You can use it to engage them in games or you can use it to train them better. And of all the sounds those toys make, your dog is most likely to love the squeak.

There are many theories as to why they like the squeak. Most squeaky toys make the sound when they are pressed or chewed. One theory is that the squeak in response to that action triggers the predator instincts or prey drive of a dog. They feel like they are chewing or playing with smaller animals like rabbit and squirrel.

It is true that most dogs would ‘attack’ the squeaky toys but that isn’t always true. Not every dog will become aggressive during their playtime with squeakers; some get excited.

To Squeak or Not to Squeak

You must be thinking, how can an activity that triggers my dog’s prey drive be any good for it?

First of all, let’s make it clear that prey drive doesn’t not equal aggression or bad behavior. We may have domesticated these animals over centuries; there DNA is still pretty much the same. They are predators by nature and those instincts are hardcoded in their genes.

And experts agree that it is not a bad thing. Instead of punishing them for their prey drive, you should train them to act wisely on those instincts.

Since squeaky toys have the potential of stimulate predatory instincts, you can use them to your dog’s benefits in two ways.

A healthy outlet

Suppressing your pet’s natural instincts can be counterproductive. Sometimes, aggressive ones take it out on items around the house, like your couch. These toys can be much better alternatives.

A motivational tool

Pairing sounds with dog training proves quite effective. You can use these toys for positive reinforcement training. This can be especially helpful for dogs who don’t care for the clicker sound.

What to Look For In Indestructible Squeaky dog Toys?

For starters, look for indestructibility and squeak-ability.

Sounds simple, right?

Trust me, it is not that easy a combo to find.

Indestructible toys are one that remain intact and in their original form no matter how much your baby plays with them. The problem with most squeaky toys out there is that the squeaker comes out within five minutes.

But as I always say, it may be difficult but it is never impossible. Here are a few factor you should focus on:


Rubber is usually the material of choice for dog toys. Look for top quality has good tensile strength i.e. stretchable to some extent. This kind of rubber is quite malleable and hence, durable. It won’t break when chewed on. Plus, it won’t be too hard on your baby’s teeth, which brings us to the next point.


Safety concern is real when it comes to toys with squeaker. If the squeaker isn’t fixed properly, there is a choking hazard lurking over your baby’s head all the time. Look for toys with a squeaker that cannot pop out. Some are designed in a way that it falls inside the toy instead.

Also, make sure that everything used to make that toy is non-toxic, preferably, food-grade.  


Now suitability is a tricky thing. Not every toy will be suitable for every dog. Some toys are reserved for large breeds others are for smaller breeds. Some are for puppies while some are for adults. For instance, there may be toys that are so small for large dogs that they can be accidently swallowed. The better the brand, the bigger variety you will find.


I’ve mentioned all the possible benefits of squeaky toys. However, that doesn’t mean every squeaky toy will offer those benefits. See if they can be used in the way you intend to use it.

A Word about Safety

I am touching this topic again because safety is in fact a major concern for most pet parents I know. Many keep their babies away from squeaky toys because they fear they might choke on the squeaker. Keep in mind that it is always your duty to make sure your pet is safe. Their playtime should always be supervised no matter how harmless the toy seems.

Here are a few more tips I would like to share regarding playtime safety, especially with squeaker toys:

  • Never pick human-grade toys for your canine. It is never a good idea as even a few month old pup can chew harder than a four years old child.
  • Make sure the toy doesn’t have a part that can easily be shewed off and swallowed. That includes buttons and eyes.
  • Throw away any toy that looks like it is about to break or disintegrate any time. If it looks like it is going to break, it most probably will.
  • If you have multiple dogs of different sizes, make sure they are not playing with each other’s toys.
  • For plush toys, always choose ones with no stuffing. All kinds of fillings are dangerous for dogs.
  • If your dog becomes excessively aggressive on hearing a squeaky, then it is not a good toy for your baby.

Now that I have covered almost everything you need to know about squeaky dog toys and how to find them, let’s move on to the rest of my picks.


JW Pet iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball

  • Made of highly durable yet malleable rubber
  • A simple yet effective design for better bounce
  • Doesn’t take a lot of pressure to squeak
  • Affordable when compared other balls
  • Comes in several bright colors  

I like how JW Pet kept it simple. Not surprised that some dogs love it that way. No matter the color you choose, these bright toys never fail to grab a dog’s attention. Plus, it is made of malleable rubber that would rather compress than tear when chomped on. That makes it a great option for dogs with weak teeth or gums, and for younger pups who are just learning to play fetch. And while the price is low, the material used is high-quality non-toxic rubber.


HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex Toy

  • Soft like a plush toy, bounces like a ball
  • Made of top quality all-natural material
  • Choose from 8 cute characters and 2 sizes
  • Suitable for dogs ad pups of all sizes

With HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex, you get the best of both worlds. It is a bouncy ball when your pal needs to play fetch and it is a snuggly plush toy when your baby needs a cute friend. You can actually get all 7 of them for your furry pal. Plus, each toy comes with two squeakers. There is nothing your dog won’t love about these snuggly, bouncy babies. Take a look a look at how these furbabies are playing with their Ruff-Tex Toys.