14 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Big Dogs

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Update

If you’re a dog owner, I don’t have to explain to you how playful dogs are. If someone’s up for the challenge, dogs can play 24 hours straight. But since that’s pretty impossible, you can get your beloved pooch some toys to play with when you’re not available.

It’s hard to resist your big boy’s puppy eyes after all!

Toys are a great way to keep your four-legged canine friend engaged and happy. But if you have a big dog and you’re concerned about giving him the right toy that his big sharp teeth won’t destroy, you have landed on the right page. The wrong toy for a tough chewer wouldn’t even last an hour. You need chew-proof, heavy-duty dog toys that perfectly serve your tough canines.

So do we have exclusively designed toys for big dogs?

Here’s the truth: Yes we do!

Those are sturdier and almost indestructible!

Finding the best indestructible dog toy can be a difficult choice. Not only you’re hunting for a toy that your big fella would love to play with, but you’re also looking for a suitable toy that’s safe to use.

So keep your precious furniture and your beloved shoe from getting chewed on and offer your big dog her favorite toy from this list of the best ‘almost indestructible’ dog toys shared in this article.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Big Dogs


Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

  • Large size toy perfect for big dogs
  • Includes a visual indicator system to signify damage
  • Made from a high-quality almost indestructible material
  • Backed by manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Works for solo playing, chewing, or for a fetch game

This thick black doughnut-shaped tough is made from multiple sturdy layers to serve as a suitable and indestructible dog toy for big dogs. The layers are the visual indicator that allows the dog owner to assess the toy’s safety. Until the inner yellow layer starts peaking through the top black layer, the toy is safe to use. This amazing toy can take almost everything that your dog throws at it.


KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

  • Ultra-durable and bouncy
  • The rubber-made ball is puncture resistant
  • Excellent for power chewing dogs
  • Great toy for solo and interactive games
  • Supports safe play

This amazing toy by the KONG features black rubber formula that works perfectly even with the most aggressive chompers. The tough toy is a great addition to your dog’s collection for playing games. Your strong-jawed canine-friend will thoroughly enjoy this almost indestructible dog ball to play his favorite fetch game.  


West Paw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

  • Self-dispensing interactive toy
  • Highly durable and tough
  • Can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats for entertainment
  • Supported by the manufacturer’s guarantee
  • FDA Compliant non-toxic dog toy

This interesting toy by the West Paw Design is made from an extremely tough material known as Zogoflex. Your big dog can chomp through and play with the toy without breaking it apart. Try stuffing with your dog’s favorite treats to keep him engaged and happy for hours. This isn’t a chew toy though. This one floats and bounces and makes an excellent choice for active dogs.  


3 Pack Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy

  • Designed for tough chewers
  • Features chicken flavor to entice dogs
  • Available in assorted dinosaur shapes
  • Promotes dental health and cleanliness
  • Pack of three

Give your dog a T-Rex to play with, all while taking care of his oral health. This interesting dinosaur-shaped chew toy is extremely durable and works perfectly for large and aggressive dogs. The chew toy is made from high-quality sturdy material, which keeps it from tearing into pieces between your dog’s jaws. The best part is that the toy has nubs and bristles on it to help clean your dog’s teeth and keep the tartar from building up.


West Paw Design Zogoflex Dog Toy

  • Made from high-quality Zogoflex
  • Guaranteed durability and toughness
  • Suitable for chewing and playing
  • Floatable bone-shaped toy
  • Excellent for big dogs

You’d hardly find a better toy than this one if you’ve got a chewer, who’s also a swimmer. The bouncing toy is floatable, which makes it a perfect playtime toy. Available in three neon colors, the toy is easy to spot and also attractive for dogs. Since it’s guaranteed strong, you can always get another one from the manufacturer if your dog destroys it.


Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Big Dogs Buyers Guide

First thing first, there really isn’t a dog toy that could be labeled as completely indestructible. Dogs, especially the larger breeds, are strong enough to find one way or the other to chew a toy or tear it apart – regardless of which toy you choose.

It is important to remember that ‘indestructible’ doesn’t really mean it’s 100% guaranteed. However, some manufacturers offer a guarantee and replace the toy for free if the dog breaks it or chew through it.

So what does ‘indestructible’ really mean?

Here’s what you need to know:

It is the toughest dog toys out there that are usually called indestructible. They’re made using sturdy materials and designs to make breaking or tearing difficult. There’s still, however, a possibility that it can be destroyed. With this information in hand, you would have a more practical approach while choosing the best indestructible dog toys for big dogs.  

Another important thing to keep in mind is to always supervise when your dog is playing with durable toys and rubber balls, especially if your canine friend is an aggressive chewer. Keep reading to learn more.

Things to Look for In an Indestructible Dog Toy

This is now easier to guess. Since you’re choosing a suitable toy for a big dog, it is important to make sure it’s a tough one that your dog can actually play with.

Dogs have varying interests when it comes to playtime. Some are peaceful chewers while others like interactive games like tug-of-war or fetch. Choosing a toy that caters to their specific interest would make them happier, while also satisfying their urge to chomp.

Here are the top factors that you shouldn’t miss out on to pick a toy that’s interesting enough for your big fella:


The two most popular materials that are used to make tough dog toys are nylon and durable rubber. These two materials can withstand aggressive chewing and keep your dog from tearing it in a minute. Both nylon and rubber would also reduce the risk of easy swallowing of sharp pieces.

Choosing the right material can put your mind at ease that your dog is playing with a safe toy. It doesn’t only lower the susceptibility of breaking the toy, but also reduces the risk of choking and other health hazards that are resulted from swallowing parts of toys.

Unbreakable toys are hardly ever made of plastic. This material is far from the durability that nylon and rubber offers. And while you can offer plush and rope toys to your dog, it’s important to always supervise your dog when they’re playing.


While dogs are naturally drawn to chewing, picking up the right toys that are appealing enough would keep them running and playing around. The dog toy you’re choosing for your strong chewer should fulfill the purpose of keeping your dog engaged, happy, and active.

You can also use this time as an opportunity to bond with your canine friend. Play fetch or tug-of-war together and keep the connection strong. This also gives you a chance to keep an eye on your dog to encourage safe playtime.  


What’s the point in investing in a dog toy that wouldn’t last between your dog’s strong jaws?

Just because a toy comes with a hefty price tag doesn’t mean it’s absolutely indestructible. Getting a tough toy for your dog doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find a variety of toys that would easily fall into your budget. Therefore, do not spend unnecessarily.

Instead of price, focus more on the function. Expensive doesn’t always mean the best. In fact, most of the toys that we’ve covered in this article fall in an affordable range to make decision-making easier for you.  

Indestructible Toy Features You Can’t Miss

Your dog’s new ‘almost indestructible’ toy should have some important features to survive between their strong jaws. Here are some more factors to help you decide:


As mentioned earlier, picking the right material would decide the durability of the toy. Make sure the toy you’re picking is made of tough material to withstand strong jaws and excessive chewing.

Type of toy

Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of different types of indestructible toys for your big dog, including tug toys, chew toys, ropes, discs, and balls. Some toys are more entertaining like treat dispensing and squeaky toys. Keep your dog’s personal preferences and personality in mind when choosing a toy that keeps him engaged and hooked.


You would often go for large or extra-large toys for indestructible toys suitable for big toys. Most of these toys are available in a range of sizes so you can choose an appropriate one according to your dog. Do not pick toys that are too small to prevent the risk of swallowing and choking.


Picking the right material also ensures the safety of the dog toy, but what’s more important is to see if the toy is FDA approved. It is an excellent indicator that no toxic materials were used during the designing of the toy.


As mentioned earlier, some manufacturers offer a guarantee of replacing the toy without any additional cost if the toy is destroyed by the dog. If you’re buying dog toys for the first time, it’s best to look for such offers to make a safe investment.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys Safety Tips

Some manufacturers offer better, more durable, and safer toys than others. But taking care of your dog is your responsibility.

Here are a few safety tips that you can employ:

  • Do not let your dog play with the new toy unsupervised at least for a week.
  • Check the toy after each session to see if there’s any damage. A few teeth mark here and there are normal. But in case your dog has ripped off or broken any piece, you shouldn’t let your dog play with it further. Discard it or get it replaced.
  • Clean your dog toys regularly. You don’t want to put your dog’s health at risk by allowing your dog to play with a toy coated in dirt, saliva, and bacteria. This is particularly important for treat-dispensing toys.
  •  Be extra careful while playing tug-of-war or similar games as jerking the toy off too hard or at the wrong time can lead to a dental emergency.
  • If you have more than one canine friend, make sure you offer them a variety of different toys to play with to avoid intimidation, possessiveness, and fighting.
Dog Toys - the 4 Types and How to Use Them Right

Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Big Dogs FAQs

1. Are plush dog toys really indestructible for aggressive chewers? 

Plush toys are adorable but if they’re not made using the right material, your chomper would open it up like a pistachio nut. Thankfully, you can now find a range of sturdy plush dog toys that can withstand aggressive chewing. Pick one wisely and keeping all the important points in mind.

2. Is it worth investing in indestructible dog toys?

Totally! Just because your big guy has more capability of tearing up the toys doesn’t mean you restrict them from playing with their favorite toy. With a wide variety of almost indestructible toys available in the market today, it’s definitely worth investing in dog toys to keep them happy and engaged.

3. Is it safe to leave my dog alone with his new toy?

Just like kids, you need to be extra careful with dogs to help them determine the dangers of certain actions. If left unsupervised, your dog can swallow small toys or choke on the broken pieces. This could block their airways and throats and cause damage in the intestines or stomachs. Therefore, it is very important to always keep an eye on your dog when playing with toys.  

4. Is there a guarantee for indestructible dog toys?

While no toy is fully indestructible, some manufacturers offer a guarantee against the damage and replace the toy if needed. You can always check this information beforehand to see if you’re covered in case your dog chews through the toy.

5. What if my dog swallows part of a dog toy?

The first step is to attempt the removal of the part if it’s stuck in the throat or mouth. If the dog swallows the part, seek your veterinarian’s help right away.

My Remaining Picks for the Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Big Dogs


Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone

  • Dog-friendly bone shape
  • 100% natural flavors of bacon, chicken, and peanuts
  • Made from sturdy material but not edible
  • Excellent chew toy for big dogs
  • Unique design for easy chew, hold and play

Just like the name suggests, this is a wishbone-shaped chew toy that makes holding, playing, and chewing easier for your dog. Designed with hard nylon material, the toy is also infused with real delicious flavors to make it more enticing for the dog. And while it is not edible, dogs love chewing on this amazing toy.  


West Paw Bumi Tug-o-War

  • Ideal tug and fetch toy
  • Stretchable up to twice the length
  • Almost indestructible
  • Encourages interactive play
  • Non-toxic

With this toy, you can play tug all day with your beloved canine friend. This toy is ideal for big dogs as it can easily stand up to strong pullers. The unique S-shaped toy is made of FDA-compliant material, making it absolutely safe for your dog to chew on. And since you also get a money-back guarantee with this toy, you know you have made the right choice for the best indestructible toy for your big fella.


Tuffy Mega Boomerang

  • Toughest soft toy ever
  • Made with up to seven layers of sturdy fabric
  • Floatable
  • Not suitable for chewing
  • Promotes interactive playing

If you’re looking for one soft dog toy that you can give your big dog, you need to look no further. This is the toughest plush toy available in the market that’s excellent for interactive play. The toy boasts a minimum of seven layers of fabric that gives the toy the toughness it needs to become a dog’s favorite.  


KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy

  • Extreme black rubber formula for aggressive chewers
  • Can be stuffed with treats to make it more enticing
  • Works perfectly as a tough fetch toy
  • Excellent toy for large dogs
  • Unique tire shape

This unique toy by Kong doesn’t only appear strong, but is actually extremely sturdy. Designed for big dogs, the toy is designed with the signature super strong rubber in a perfect tire shape that’s easy to chew on and play with. Fill up the hollow space with delicious treats and keep your dog hooked.


Hugglehounds Ruff-Tex Squeaky Tough Dog Chew Toy

  • Tough squeaky toy
  • Made from all-natural rubber
  • Features fun animal characters
  • Available in different sizes
  • The squeakers keep the dog entertained

Give your determined chewer a cuddle buddy he’d love. The Hugglehound toy is made from sturdy rubber instead of plush to make sure your canine friend doesn’t tear it out. The squeakers are the cherry on top that makes the playtime fun and keep your dog entertained.  


Chuckit! Ultra Ball

  • Ultra-bounce squeaker ball
  • Tough and durable rubber toy
  • Excellent for aggressive chewers
  • The interactive toy makes playtime fun
  • Bright color combo to make it enticing for dog

If a ball is your dog’s favorite toy, there’s nothing better than this durable ball by Chuckit! Give your diligent chewer more than just a regular tennis ball to play with. This brightly colored ball is easy to spot and bounces enough to keep your dog on his toes. It’s a must-have floatable ball in every dog’s toy collection.


Outward Hound Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Plush Dog Toy

  • Squeaky snake-shaped toy in bright patterns
  • Does not include any stuffing
  • Perfect to toss and tug together
  • Ideal size for large dogs
  • Sturdy soft chew toy for aggressive chompers

If you thought that a soft stuffing-less toy was impossible to get for your strong chewer, here’s a surprise! This snake-shaped sturdy toy does not include any stuffing so there’s no risk of making a mess or choking. The toy features the signature Chew Shield Technology so it’s strong enough for your big dog. Available in enticing patterns to choose from.  


Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Nearly Indestructible Dog Chew Toy

  • Rough and rugged bouncing ball
  • Diamond plate for extra sturdiness
  • FDA-approved safe toy
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Nearly indestructible by aggressive chewers

This is another ball toy that’s specifically designed for aggressive chewers. Give your big chompers their favorite toy that they would love to catch, chew, and chase. Since the ball is designed under strict quality-control standards, it is more durable than most dog balls in the market.


Pacific Pups Products Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

  • A wide variety of rope toys
  • Plastic-free design
  • Follows safety standards
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Can be used for different games

If you’ve been looking for variety, you won’t be disappointed. Dogs are particularly fond of rope toys. And if they get a whole bunch of interesting and sturdy ones that they can chew and play with, it’s a win-win situation. Designed with the safest materials and adhesives, they’re some of the strongest rope toys you can offer your big dog.


Let’s be real – toys cannot be absolutely indestructible! Although there’s none in the market that would claim to be 100% indestructible, you will find a number of manufacturers offering ‘almost indestructible’ toys that are designed keeping large dogs’ chewing habits, sharp teeth, and their jaw strength in mind.

We’ve been very picky with our choices in this one. Rest assured, you can pick any or a combination of toys from this list and it wouldn’t disappoint you. Just keep your dog’s personal preference in mind and offer a few so your big fella can pick his favorite one.

So which indestructible chew toy did your tough dog loved chewing on? Do share your experience with us in the comments below!