Fall Activities for your Dog

Yorkie puppy carrying a leafWith fall approaching, our dogs check the weather blogs daily in anticipation of their favorite season. Fall is a cornucopia of activities our K9 companions live for. The following, incomplete list of activities are on many a dog’s fall itinerary.


  • Cool weather changes an older dog’s brain to the point where they figure a bout of the zoomies is a good idea. Father Time be damned.
  • With the grass dying in cooler weather, it makes it easier to spot the epicenter of the rabbit pellets for a proper roll.
  • Wetter weather means that they can take a nice mud bath right after the rabbit roll.
  • Leaf piles offer opportunities to demonstrate chaos theory and canine OCD.
  • Barking at trick or treaters.
  • Assuring Thanksgiving guests that they too, are allowed to share their turkey.
  • Observe the hypocrisy of humans’ insistence that dogs learn self-control while humans can’t make it through a football game (or match, depending on your version of football) without losing their bloody minds.
  • Abstract art via mud and linoleum media.
  • Playing pigs in a blanket with their favorite human.
  • Cocklebur collecting.

Whatever your dog’s favorite activity in the cooler weather, put the coffee in the pot or the kettle on the boil and go outside and enjoy your dog.