178 Funny Names For Dogs

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Update

Have you been searching for clever and funny dog names? This lengthy list has titles that are fun and witty. With most options, calling out to your pup will bring a smile to your face. But before you go any further, let us remind you that it is completely okay to choose a run-of-the-mill name for your pooch too. Sure, funny names are well…funny, but any that match your furry baby’s personality will serve just as well. So, don’t disregard the relatively ordinary names, such as Buddy, Bella, Rocky, Max, Lola, and Lucy.

Punny Pooch Names For Male Dogs

If you have a boy puppy, awaiting to be knighted with their new name, peruse these vastly entertaining choices. We know most pet-owners have a quirky sense of humor. Hence, we chose the funniest dog names for this section. They are super clever and will make you chuckle every time:

Boba FetchJimmy ChewBark TwainDroolius Caesar
Hairy Paw-terOrville RedenbarkerNotorious D.O.G.Salvador Dogi
Woofgang PuckSherlock BonesBark ObamaL.L. Drool J
James Earl BonesBeowoofJabba the MuttWilliam Shakespaw
Bark GriswoldBob ScratchitBilbo WagginsDogstoyevsky
Arthur Canine DoyleFuzz AlrdrinJude PawJake Gyllenpaw
Luke SkybarkerRon FleaslyKarl BarxBone, James Bone
Taylor PawtnerRyan FleacrestHairy HoundiniMuttley Crew
Winston FurchillFur-DinandPablo EscobarkIndiana Bones
Santa PawsFyodor DogstoevskyFranz Fur-dinandKareem Ja-Bark
50 ScentOzzy PawsborneGroucho BarksGeorge Bernard Paw
Paw-cassoDumbledogFleasy EBill Furry
Andy War-HowlBark WahlbergBillie HolidogWinnie the Pooch

Punny Pooch Names For Female Dogs

We couldn’t leave out the quirkiness when picking names for female pups. Could we? So, the section below continues the same theme. We’re certain most of these titles will keep everybody chuckling when you call out to your canine companion.

ChewbarkaVirginia WoofSarah Jessica BarkerKaty Pawry
Tina SpayBone CrawfordBritney EarsCatherine Z. Bones
January BonesKaty HairyPhoebe RuffayVera Fang
TankerbellMa BarkerWoofie GoldbergMary Puppins
Queen ElizabarkJK GrowlingHairy UnderwoodJennifer Pawrence
Mariah HairyOlivia Chewton JohnWaggie GyllenhallJane Pawsten
Ellen DegeneruffRosa BarksJanuary BonesTinkerbell

Funny Ironic Names for Girl Pups

When it comes to picking a creative female dog name, you can go down either of the two following paths. One, choose the snootiest, classic women’s names. It will be both ironic and funny. Think about what your great-great-great grandma went by! Or, you can pick feminine-sounding names of things for your girl pup.

LadybugDogzillaLady PipsqueakMochi

Funny Dog Names for Either Sex

Funny dog names that work for girl pups as well as boys are smart. We present to you a curated selection:

Won TonCocoaPickleCinnamon
Tater totPumpkinDoodleSprout
Pup TartMeatball

Funny First Names for Male Dogs

Like with the ladies, choose the most stuffy masculine name. Bestow it on your pet for a laugh-out-loud funny dog name!


Funny Full Names for Dogs

For this section, we chose some of the funniest people as inspiration. We’ve loved these comedians and how they tickle our funny bones. Think how amazing names these punny titles would make.

(Adam Sandler) Adam Sandfur(Chris Farley) Chris Furley(Eddie Murphy) Eddie Grrphy
(Jerry Seinfeld) Jerry Seinfurd(Dick Vany Dyke) Lick Van Dyke(Jim Carey) Jim Hairy
(Roseanne Barr) Roseanne Bark(Jerry Lewis) Jerry Chewis(Will Ferrell) Will Furrell
(Amy Schumer) Amy Shoo-mer(Joan Rivers) Joan Ruffers

Dog in another language

It’s true that the funniest jokes are those that seem effortless. To pick a dog name along those lines, why not call them dog — but in another language?

(Spanish) Perro(French) Chien(Czech) Pes(Icelandic) Hundur
(Latin) Canis(German) Hund(Italian) Cane(Finnish) Koira

Words That Mean Funny to Use As Dog Names

Besides calling your pooch a pooch in another language, there is another way to choose a funny name for them. How about you choose one that means humorous or nonsensical in another language? We listed several other words that don’t just share a meaning. They are also funny to pronounce. So, take your pick:

  • Cockamamie – Means absurd
  • Farcical – The exaggeration of a situation so it becomes ridiculous
  • Ha-Ha – Anything funnier than the way laughter sounds?
  • Isaac – means he will laugh in Hebrew
  • Jester – If they were good for the medieval kings…
  • Joke – Because why not?
  • Ludicrous – Ridiculous enough to be funny
  • Quip – Some witty comment that makes one laugh
  • Sekani – is the Tumbukan word for laugh
  • Zany – If it’s silly and unusual, it’s zany
  • Comic – Anything related to comedy
  • Folderol – Means nonsense
  • Handan – The Turkish word for laughing
  • Jayus – is the Indonesian word for jokes that are so unfunny they make one laugh
  • Jiemba – A Wiradjuri word that means laughing star
  • Kerfuffle – Means nonsense too
  • Malarkey – As above
  • Rigmarole – Same as malarkey
  • Taradiddle – Both pretentious and nonsense

Witty and Funny Dog Names

Some more suggestions that are witty and humorous. We made this into a separate list to include brief descriptions. So, have a go:

  • Kewpie – If your pooch is a cutie pie, then this will suit them
  • Joan of Bark – The French heroine who is now revered as a Catholic saint
  • Pee Wee – If they’re tiny and cute, then go for this one. Also, refers to the character
  • Winnie the Poodle – Honey-loving, cute roley poley pups will make this name work
  • Winnie the Pooch – Another variation
  • Spark Pug – Does your furry baby tire you out?
  • Mary Puppins – For kid-loving pups and dogs
  • Sarah Jessica Barker – It could also refer to someone important called Sarah or Jessica
  • Yoda – Bonus points if your very female canine can pull this off
  • Alfalfa – After one of the adorable Little Rascals
  • Cookie Monster – So, they cannot have cookies. But are they cute enough to be one?
  • Tiny – Funnier if your dog is humungous
  • Peanut – Another name to tack on to a giant canine
  • Kitty – An ideal fit for obvious reasons
  • Lady Barks-a-lot – The doggo version of Sir Lancelot
  • Miss Furbulous – Because they’re fabulous and they know it!
  • Catherine Zeta Bones – She’s America’s sweetheart
  • Virginia Woof – Are you a fan? Is your dog?
  • Sniffy Longdroppings – We name em like we see em!
  • Munchkin – Perfect for larger sized breeds
  • Nugget – Same as above
  • Puddin’- If Harley Quinn is a favorite of yours, then this one will suit.
  • Princess- Classic even if it is on the nose
  • Beatrix Pawter – An English writer
  • Lisa Vanderpup – Was a beautiful English actress
  • Perdita – For die-hard fans of 101 Dalmatians
  • Hermione – Bonus points if you have another pooch who goes by Hairy Pawter
  • Muttilda – Do they have superpowers that attract chaos? Name them!
  • Queen of Barkness – Does your girl pup keep you up at nights with their siren song?
  • Diva – If they aren’t a princess, they could be a diva
  • Jessica Rabbit – Would be best if they have red-colored locks
  • Rapunzel – If not red, then does your dog have long golden locks?
  • Scarlett O’Haira – Do they get into mischief and disappear as if Gone with the Wind?
  • Diggy Azalea – For pooches who like pop music
  • Katy Pawry – And then name the cat, Kitty Purry
  • Queen Elizabark – She’s the queen of the house, so she gets to have a royal name
  • Tina Spay – Because Tina Fey makes us all laugh
  • Vera Fang – The very picture of canine elegance
  • Princess and the Pee – Again, an obvious choice
  • Lady Von Scuttlebutt – Does she hide after having an accident?
  • Droolina – For the slobbering mutts
  • Doody von Poopster – Because, oh you know, why!
  • Lady Lapdog – The mutts who spend all day lazing around
  • Madame Yaps-a-Lot – Since she isn’t afraid to give anyone a piece of her canine mind
  • Jennifer Pawrence – If you’re a fan of the Hunger Games.
  • Mariah Hairy – For pooches with a golden throat
  • Lady Dogiva – They might not be able to have it but does your dog look yummy enough to be made out of chocolate?

Funny Sized-Based Dog Names

We mentioned some ironic names based on your dog’s size above. But this section gives you even more choices:

  • Ant – Will be best for giant mutts
  • Flea – The bigger they are, the more ironic this name
  • Oaf -Clumsy pooches
  • Sasquatch – Is your dog tiny?
  • Trenta – Just like the large-sized Starbucks beverage
  • Beef Cake – Is your scrawny pup the light of your life?
  • Mini – Pick this for enormous dogs
  • Onslaught – This guy is Magneto’s alter ego
  • Wee – Ideal for bigger sized canines
  • Thing – Either Marvel or Seuss

Funny Brussels Griffon/ Affenpinscher Dog Names

Naturally grumpy-looking, these fur babies can also look as if they have beards. Both traits acted as inspiration for the choices we present below:

TweardZZ Top

Funny Chinese-Crested Dog Names

Chinese-crested canines are very funny-looking. Their hairless body contrasts starkly with the luscious locks they have on their head and feet. In other words, traits that are gold for inspired naming choices:

BareFabioMorgan Fairchild
NekkidSkinny DipBirthday Suit
StreakerFarah FawcettNakie/Nakey

Funny English Bulldog/Pug Dog Names

They have short legs that extrude from a round body. And if that wasn’t funny enough, their cute wrinkly faces do the rest. Here are funny dog names for pugs:


Funny Puli/Bergamasco Shepherd Dog Names

Both pulis and Bergamasco shepherds look very different from dogs of other beards. There are the dreadlocks that make them resemble walking mops. And there’s also a general shaggy appearance. Both can result in outstanding names:


Choosing a Funny Dog Name — Most Commonly Asked Questions

Before we wrap up this guide on funny dog names, we provide answers to some FAQs. These queries are often going through the mind of dog-owners when they are naming their pooch.

Are there some guidelines that could help me pick a funny dog name?

Yes, there are! We suggest:

  • Picking a name that you really like. And, here’s why. You will use it for plenty of years to come. So, it is best to choose a word that sounds funny or pleasant to your ears.
  • Don’t opt for a name that might sound like a command to your pooch.
  • The best way to get them to bond with a name is to give them a treat when they respond to it.
  • Spend a few days letting your dog try out their new title.

I don’t like my rescue’s name. Can I change it?

The truth is that this doesn’t fall in with the recommendations from experts. Generally, if a canine has had a name after they turned one, then it is best not to confuse them with a new one. Even so, you might really not like what they’re called. In that case, pick a good one, and stick to it. Let the dog become used to it. And be ready for them to take time adjusting to it.

A good trick for renaming an older dog or a rescue is to pick a similar-sounding name. For instance, dogs called Harley will readily adjust to renaming if the new name is Charley. Benji and Genji also sound alike. But going from Sir William von Fluffypants to just Will could confuse a pooch.

What name do most people choose for their furry babies?

Things are vastly different around the world. But, in the US, girl dogs with names, Bella, Daisy, and Lucy, are most common. Boy dogs in America have a much higher chance of ending up as Max, Charlie, or Buddy. So, it is also okay if you want to steer your pooch clear of these well-used names. In fact, these links will help you brainstorm even more ideas:


For their parents, puppies are already baskets of sunshine. But they can also be immensely goofy and silly. If your dog never fails to make you smile, then they deserve a good name. Our list includes many cute and witty choices. When picking from it, try to focus on which name will go with your pup’s unique personality.

Also, consider that this title will serve as a way to identify them. You will call your dog to you each time you pronounce it. When you praise them, you will be using it again. So, try to select a good name and always say it in a kind tone. Your pooch gets what you mean even if they don’t speak your language. Thus, if you want them to bond with a name of your choice, be gentle.

Besides that, opting for a funny dog name that is easier to learn is a smarter choice. Pronounce it clearly, so your pet gets to know it well. What’s more, names that end in y or ee sounds are better. Shorter ones that are perky-sounding will encourage your dog to accept the name.

And, sure, our list has some of the longer names on it too. But over time, you can begin to truncate those. Stay away from names that your dog may confuse with commands. For instance, no and Bo sound alike. Nitwit is fun but it resembles sit. Therefore, choose a funny dog name but do so wisely!

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