Top 1126 Girl Dog Names

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Update

Whether you’re expecting a new litter of puppies or just brought home your little female dog, it’s time to decide what you’re gonna call her. You can choose a girly name like Daisy, or a trendy one like Bella, or a popular one from the movies like Jewel – it just has to be perfect.

Choosing a dog’s name can be a little daunting for some people. You want a name that sounds good, fits your dog’s personality and is easy to remember. Some of the most famous names that hit the top list include Pepper, Lacey, Lily, Coco, Sally, Pebbles, Sasha, and Sierra. But you do not necessarily have to settle down with the most popular or common names. If you’re looking for unusual girl dog names or cool names that would suit their personality, we’ve got you covered.

We will share with you 1000+ best female dog names to choose from. We have sorted these names in this article to help you pick the best one for your precious little pup.

Let’s buckle it down.

Most Popular Female Dog Names

If you want to keep up with the trend and pick from the most popular female dog names, a little inspiration can help you make a quick choice. Take some time to know your new little pooch and let her behavior and personality inspire you to pick a suitable name for her.

Here are 200 dog names that are on top in terms of popularity.

1. Princess2. Bella3. Honey4. Chloe
5. Lucy6. Zoe7. Molly8. Daisy
9. Lily10. Sophie11. Coco12. Ruby
13. Nala14. Emma15. Bailey16. Alice
17. Holly18. Gypsy19. Maggie20. Charlize
21. Gracie22. Ginger23. Agnes24. Rosy
25. Angel26. Anabelle27. Luna28. Amber
29. Bean30. Dolly31. Mel32. Ivy
33. Millie34. Panda35. Elsa36. Roxy
37. Lola38. Sadie39. Estella40. Sunny
41. Gigi42. Sugar43. Casey44. Diamond
45. Delilah46. Hazel47. Phoebe48. Bonnie
49. Piper50. Mia
Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels
51. Nikkie52. Heidi53. Kallie54. Penny
55. Gracie56. Ellie57. Abby58. Lulu
59. Willow60. Harley61. Sasha62. Lexi
63. Izzy64. Charlie65. Dixie66. Autumn
67. Sully68. Annie69. Layla70. Maya
71. Lady72. Olive73. Bell74. Marley
75. Cookie76. Nova77. Ella78. Minnie
79. Dakota80. Harper81. Fiona82. Goldie
83. Hope84. Hershey85. Foxy86. Reese
87. Suzy88. Tootsie89. Jazzy90. Brenda
91. Leia92. Tinkerbell93. Sage94. Macy
95. Lucky96. Adele97. Scarlett98. Sierra
99. Violet100. Skye
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
101. Star102. Coconut103. Snickers104. Frankie
105. Misty106. Coco107. Biscuit108. Chum chum
109. Faith110. Betty111. Darling112. Sugar bean
113. Sydney114. Cali115. Scout116. Juno
117. Happy118. Zelda119. Paisley120. Ember
121. Samantha122. Sissy123. Daisy Mae124. Shiloh
125. Georgia126. Bunny127. Stormy128. Evie
129. Mabel130. Summer131. Ziva132. Peggy
133. Milky134. Islay135. Pearl136. Gloria
137. Shellbywa138. Sexy139. Basil140. Amelie
141. Alyssa142. Fannie143. Duchess144. Genesis
145. Henley146. Dory147. Haven148. Kiwi
149. Laika150. Nia
151. Leona152. Liv153. Peaches154. Queen
155. Phoenix156. Oreo157. Patsy158. Peanut
159. Opal160. Odessa161. Pippa162. Rosalie
163. Brew164. Nori165. Rosemary166. Shadow
167. Smokey168. Starla169. Sully170. Sassy
171. Teto172. Cleo173. Mocha174. Silvia
175. Snookey176. Snowball177. Snow178. Sandy
179. Bumble180. Bea181. Nina182. Aryn
183. Aspen184. Suki185. Ariel186. Snow White
187. Blair188. Tess189. Winny190. Becca
191. Cinder192. Birdie193. Cher194. Eva
195. Buffy196. Bear197. Koko198. Tiger
199. Nikita200. Bells

Most Unique Female Dog Names

Do you want to pick a ‘one of a kind name’ for your female dog? This can be tricky but not impossible. Give your precious one a name that perfectly emphasizes how unique your little dog is. We have a list of the top 200 most unique female dog names that you might love.

201. Betty White202. Mimosa203. Tinsley204. Celine
205. Reya206. Alita207. Rossi208. Envy
209. Matcha210. Cherokee211. Maybelline212. Spring
213. Pepita214. Beulah215. Saint216. Frida
217. Rhubarb218. Gouda219. Rouge220. Milah
221. Kiana222. Oakley223. Harbor224. Greta
225. Fern226. Geneva227. Eudora228. Geraldine
229. Gwen230. Felicity231. Harriet232. Ingrid
233. Ivory234. Gatsby235. Jada236. Lancelot
237. Figaro238. Keats239. Chai Chai240. Onyx
241. Sundance242. Lady Bird243. Savannah244. Kessa
245. Ruby Redd246. Lainie247. Mavis248. Jazzie
249. Catalina250. Lotus
Photo by T.R Photography on Unsplash
251. Zera252. Bess253. Pixel254. Baylee
255. RiRi256. Candie257. Stardust258. Madame
259. Cleopatra260. Midnight261. Acadia262. Calista
263. Fergie264. Gaia265. Venus266. Olympia
267. Natasha268. Iris269. Taka270. Althea
271. Galaxy272. Nettle273. Hera274. Rocher
275. Perdita276. Georgette277. Aloe278. Roselle
279. Auburn280. Sansa281. Brienne282. Audrey
283. Blithe284. Eileen285. Kiara286. Lydia
287. Keeley288. Harlow289. Muffy290. Mystique
291. Mona Lisa292. Moira293. Payton294. Nectar
295. River296. Rome297. Manon298. Valentine
299. Trinity300. Ursula
301. Spenser302. Vera303. Talulah304. Sloane
305. Wish306. Vivien307. Visage308. Xuri
309. Clementine310. Wren311. Embry312. Callie
313. Addison314. Dahlia315. Giselle316. Cora
317. Esther318. Champagne319. Nicky320. Jade
321. Camille322. Kendall323. Kira324. Paris
325. Rebel326. Selena327. Ramona328. Wanda
329. Shea330. Zuri331. Zsa Zsa332. Yara
333. Miley334. Yvette335. Xena336. Demi
337. Arabelle338. Elnor 339. Malia340. Charvi
341. Aspen342. Devon343. Della344. Farrah
345. Colette346. Della347. Jolene348. Maeve
349. Tammy350. Cordelia
351. Reagan352. Prisha353. Maisy354. Margot
355. Dream356. Feathers357. Grape358. Moss
359. Droopy360. Nibble361. Felix362. Chunks
363. Minx364. Dogiva365. Olga366. Sapphire
367. Yedda368. Adelaide369. Pocahontas370. Bianca
371. Erin372. Catelyn373. Portia374. Clarice
375. Toadette376. Lynn377. Cordelia378. Thelma
379. Winona380. Sigourney381. Victoria382. Gillian
383. Dawn384. Toga385. Viv386. Kimora
387. Lilith388. Rosa389. Catelyn390. Erin
391. Papoose392. Octavia393. Mopsy394. Myrtle
395. Isabelle396. Cici397. Trudy398. Widget
399. Steffi400. Yumi

Strong Female Dog Names

If you want a strong female dog name to suit your little tough girl, these choices below should do the trick.  Strong dog names are powerful and evocative and would give your little pup just the right attitude as she grows up. Check out these names that would perfectly suit your brawny little pup.

401. Arya402. Ginny403. Alexa404. Artemis
405. Lara406. Red407. Finly408. Astra
409. Zola410. Storm411. Tigeress412. Wonder
413. Koa414. Agatha415. Blakely416. Carmela
417. Brooklyn418. Tessa419. Amanda420. Arianna
421. Babushka422. Cardi423. Charlotte424. Copper
425. Panther426. Eartha427. Ewok428. Ghost
429. Gizmo430. Gertrude431. Kahlua432. Kennedy
433. Marigold434. Mercy435. Nermal436. Noalie
437. Olivia438. Percy439. Primrose440. Ridley
441. Ms. Scooter442. Snookie443. Teegan444. Matilda
445. Crush446. Axena447. Echo448. Marvel
449. Justice450. Nyx
451. Katniss452. Ranger453. Rex454. Fury
455. Rage456. Marlow457. Hawkin458. Trigger
459. Mighty460. Mrs. Fangs461. Angelo462. Blade
463. Vigil464. Romo465. Piersin466. Pharoah
467. Archer468. Bullet469. Bones470. Mrs. McScarson
471. Skull472. Nitch473. Butch474. Cage
475. Elektra476. Indiana477. Diva478. Koda
479. Freedom480. Babs481. Ava482. Jedi
483. Jersey484. Huntress485. Annalisa486. Fearless
487. Runner488. Bucky489. Quinsley490. Knox
491. Blazer492. Venom493. Charger494. Scarlot
495. Pistol496. Captain497. Angus498. Loki
499. Stryker500. Jett
501. Ms. Muscle502. Wiley Coyote503. Digsy504. Lady Killah
505. Ms. Munch506. Winning507. Whiskey508. Juliet
509. Heart510. Clooney511. Ravenna512. Cheetah
513. Colorado514. Biggie515. Lava516. Neverland
517. Hades518. Avalanche519. Pyro520. Arrow
521. Warrior522. Roscoe523. Tank524. Bomber
525. Dove526. Swara527. Xin528. Tove
529. Tean530. Lucinda531. Kyomi532. Estelle
533. Dhara534. Donatella535. Beauty Quark536. Reno
537. Puffy538. Milo539. Babe540. Fly
541. Dodger542. Magic543. Copernicus544. Future
545. Lady Bull546. Chance547. Bolt548. Rolly
549. Slink550. Toto
551. Christmas552. Cicely553. Glenn554. Helen
555. Joan556. Spirit557. Herculean558. Stalwart
559. Hunky560. Halle561. Fonda562. Garbo
563. Knightley564. Dee Dee565. Viola566. Whitney
567. Jules568. Marty569. Wolverine570. Sully
571. Arwen572. Amelia573. Boo Monsters574. Fleur
575. Marla576. Casablanca577. Moana578. Rey
579. Ria580. Ripley581. Skylan582. Siti
583. Susannah584. Tabitha585. Theo586. Taliya
587. Virginia588. Winifred589. Winter590. Yvonne
591. Zia592. Damia593. Marine594. Avril
595. Breanne596. Kahlan597. Diablo598. Goblin
599. Hooper600. Blue Colt

Cool Girl Dog Names

Is your new pup already hitting milestones and becoming a legend?

Show off the new addition to your family by giving your pup a cool name. These names do not have to be random or wild. These are names that are impactful and universally impressive. If that’s been your inspiration for your dog’s name, we have a list for you.

601. Jenna602. Rogue603. Ursa604. Valkyrie
605. Bruin606. Ire607. Mrs. Lobo608. Ice
609. Buttercup610. Nana611. Blossom612. Clara
613. Lilliana614. Ashley615. Aquamarine616. Hermoine
617. Raine618. Ego619. Rydr620. Miranda
621. Serena622. Mulan623. Aubree624. Bacon
625. Berty626. Cameo627. Blush628. Choco
629. Bobbin630. Bowie631. Chanel632. Cloud
633. Crystal634. Confectionery635. Cupid636. Daiquiri
637. Daisy Duke638. Nancy639. Dana640. Darlene
641. Elisha642. Destiny643. Pam644. Song
645. Aboli646. Alina647.Bonnie648. Jolie
649. Sofia650. Florence
651. Sicily652. Gogo653. Rita654. Barney
655. Glory656. Joy657. Lolita658. Candice
659. Honeysuckle660. Strawberry661. Rainbow662. Pink
663. Anya664. Bindi665. Mini Cooper666. Thea
667. Tickle668. Pinta669. Queenie670. Hebe
671. Rhea672. Precious673. Polly674. Jazz-B
675. Poppy676. Dita677. Latte678. Penelope
679. Dewdrop680. Fido681. Dallas682. Dani
683. Prada684. Dolce685. Dido686. Bougie
687. Rushlight688. Flambeau689. Fancy Pants690. Spark Plug
691. Ostentatious692. Ornate693. Euphuistic694. Magniloquent
695. Bourgeois696. Splashy697. Too-Too698. Swanky
699. Flaunty700. Candlelight
701. Grand702. Toffee-Nosed703. Poncy704. Sprucy
705. Haughty706. Posh707. Hoity-Toity708. Dapper
709. Superlicious710. Pompous711. Luxury712. Pride
713. Merry714. Jolly715. Bubbly716. Felicitous
717. Foxee718. Sweetheart719. Sugarpie720. Pi
721. Freckles722. Booz-Y723. Chantilly724. Flo
725. Skipper726. Tiffanny727. Gucci728. Lux
729. Leena730. Kish731. Zen732. Zendaya
733. Beach734. Toy735. Tamp736. Swift
737. Beyonce738. Bounce739. Kit-Kat740. Tia
741. Cartier742. Dior743. Cracker744. Ms. Chief
745. Chill746. Boss Lady747. Bentley748. Avery
749. Flicker750. Journey
751. Drone752. Ocean753. Rune754. Skates
755. Reef756. Wave757. Elf758. Dinky
759. Bitty Boo760. Piccolo761. Sweetie762. Pixie
763. Taffy764. Tiny765. Sumo766. Titus
767. Wun Wun768. Acer769. Ferrari770. Valentino
771. Dash772. Blaze773. Flock774. Sonic
775. McLaren776. Speedy777. Zoom778. Rapper
779. Jaws780. Flossie781. Theron782. Meatball
783. Amanda784. Sauce785. Sid786. Koala
787. Mona788. Love789. Lutz790. Klutz
791. Delicious792. Drama793. Monica794. Mila
795. Starlight796. Milkyway797. Dessert798. Fendi
799. Burberry800. Silver

Cute Girl Dog Names

If your little furry friend is a fluff ball or a small breed dog, only a cute name would fit her best. We have searched thoroughly to find the cutest options to help you pick the best one.  

801. Caramel802. April803. Bubblegum804. Cream Roll
805. Cherry806. Brownie807. Bunny Ben808. Goldilocks
809. Donut810. Dot811. Dora812. Cheyenne
813. Flower814. Cinderella815. Clover816. Pumpkin
817. Ziggy818. Waffles819. Candy820. Bramble
821. Nugget822. Sprinkles823. Mochi824. Mai Tai
825. Marshmallow826. Skittles827. Brandy828. Sue
829. Snoopy830. Selma831. Almond832. Tiara
833. Angelica834. Rumba835. Apple836. Pudding
837. Aphrodite838. Bibi839. Bittersweet840. Bliss
841. Whoopi842. Blueberry843. Ruffles844. Blondie
845. Boots846. Sparkle847. Wizzy848. Snuggles
849. Teddy850. Sorbet
851. Smooches852. Sweet Pea853. Shasta854. Rosebud
855. Quincy856. Punky857. Mouse858. Porkchop
859. Orange860. Aroma861. Reba862. Perry Bites
863. Pee Wee864. Glossy865. Peanut Butter866. Noodles
867. Patches868. Nutmeg869. Munchkin870. Muffin
871. Melody872. Lilly Bell873. June Bug874. Lollipop
875. Balloon876. Glitter877. Shimmer878. Cherry Dip
879. Watermelon880. Maples881. Cupcake882. Marble
883. Smarties884. Mary885. Bounty886. Mars
887. Rafaello888. Rolex889. Cadbury890. Chocki
891. Bueno892. Honeybee893. Frannie894. Fuzzy
895. Esme896. Doll897. Cutey898. Chaca
899. Buttons900. Cappuccino
901. Mrs. Da Vinci902. Blue Bud903. Jelly904. Mousse
905. Kitty906. Woof907. Bon Bon908. Cinnabon
909. Butternut910. Fluff911. Pepper912. Pebbles
913. Petals914. Tulip915. Lilium916. Freesia
917. Gladiolus918. Daffodil919. Windflower920. Minion
921. Little Mermaid922. Jasmine923. Flounder924. Scrat
925. Tweety926. Dumbo927. Stitch928. Pusheen
929. Toothless930. Pikachu931. Pua932. Jigglypuff
933. Pichu934. Peeku935. Mew936. Kirby
937. Diana938. Fluttershy939. Unicorn940. Mort
941. Yoshi942. Piglet943. Pinkie Pie944. Applebloom
945. Rainbow Dash946. Chip947. Hamtaro948. Sven
949. Dale950. Nemo
951. Ponyo952. Angel Bunny953. Twilight Sparkle954. Luma
955. Scootaloo956. Barbie957. Celestia958. Cream
959. Pink Panther960. Plum961. Chobits962. Bagel
963. Fondue964. Dumplings965. Fudge966. Macaroon
967. Meringue968. Nutella969. Doodles970. Spaghetti
971. Snickerdoodle972. Tofu973. Wonton974. Toffee
975. Taco976. Nacho977. Marmite978. Cheese
979. Cloudberry980. Raspberry981. Biscotti982. Lavender
983. Chiffon984. Cheesecake985. Crumpet986. Custard
987. Tart988. Eclair989. Cream Puff990. Cake Pop
991. Quiche992. Pastry993. Mooncake994. Flan
995. Short Bread996. Paddle Pop997. Fao998. Scone
999. Pansy1000. Twinkle

Bonus: 100 Two-Word Names for Your Girl Dog

And right when you thought those were all the options you had, we have a surprise for you. If you’re still not sure about what you’re going to call your little girl dog, and are more interested in two-word names, we have some more choices for you.

Two-word names have a personality of their own. It is just going to get better if you find a suitable one for your lady pooch.

1. Miss Diggy Dawg2. Lap Maul3. Teddy Bear4. Sand Girl
5. Chip buddy6. Miss Golden7. Harper Lee8. Chuck Norris
9. Scotty Girl10. Miss Diva11. Biscuity Brown12. Nola Gumbo
13. Pom Pom14. Senorita Conch15. Kiki Sukezane16. Tater To
17. Dolly Madison18. Skippy Roo19. Tinker Bell20. Crepe Myrtle
21. Jelly Belly22. Chatty Woof23. Princess Liyah24. Lilly Belle
25. Ginger Snap26. Honey Dew27. Maggie Mae28. Daisy Will
29. Emmy Lou30. Harley Dawg31. Dixie Chick32. Little Dominatrix
33. Anabelle Lee34. Miss Daisy35. Mrs. Fangs Flo36. Sadie Deli
37. Queen Pansy38. Glorious Faye39. Penny Holiday40. Big Banshee
41. Princess Godiva42. Golden Girl43. Pink Paradise44. Air Buddy
45. Pearl Pebbles46. Jady Ivy47. Queen Rasha48. Blossom Bliss
49. Princess Primrose50. Bright Eyes51. Raven Roxy52. Karma Chameleon
53. Sweet Sherbet54. Lady J55. Love Potion56. Starbust Sparkle
57. Mary Jane58. Sunrise Dawn59. Sweet Melody60. Dewdrop Destiny
61. Moon Dancer62. Fay Wray63. Dotty Diva64. Lucky Jordan
65. Hot Sauce66. Maple Syrup67. Olive Oyl68. Princess Scarlett
69. Barfy Cookie70. Madam Pudding71. Bubble Cuddle72. Itsy Bitsy
73. Elf Friend74. Betty Grace75. Sadi Bee76. Laura Leigh
77. Mary Margaret78. Lily Rose79. Ava Rose80. Nora Jean
81. Miss Beazley82. Mopsy Morgan83. Mystique Myra84. Nia Nibbles
85. Nina Faith86. Pixie Plum87. Rachael Mae88. Sassy Savannah
89. Scarlet Rose90. Trudy Lynn91. Midnight Moon92. Zara Gray
93. Luna Drew94. Amber Rose95. Queen Beatrice96. Chelsea Lou
97. Darcy Joy98. Ava Blue99. Beth Harper100. Posh Rae

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing The Right Name

So you’ve got yourself a dog – good job there!

A dog is indeed a man’s best friend. And now that you have the most loyal companion by your side, it is important to pick the right name for your buddy that you might have to call out a lot of times in a day.

It turns out that it takes both art and science to pick the right name for your canine girl. Dogs respond to certain sounds more than the others. It is like a personal journey that involves taking into account your pet’s personality and other similar factors.  A lot goes into choosing a name for your pet that works for both of you.

How do you make sure your girl dog’s name is on point? We have all the information covered in this section to make the task easier for you. Keep reading.

The Name Can Play a Key Role in Training Your Dog

Personal expressions and a creative approach are important for training. But one thing that’s equally important when you’re training your pup is their name. For training purposes, you will have to call their name over and over. This is how they will respond to learning commands. In fact, expert veterinary behaviorists believe that using their name a lot during training helps dogs recognize and associate with their name. It becomes the ‘cue’ for their identity.

Offer treats as your girl starts recognizing her name. Call her and present her with a treat. Repeat this until she starts responding well. Now it is important that you choose a name your dog can associate with. A long name or a tricky name that’s difficult to pronounce and remember will not help her with learning. Choose a name that not only you but your dog is also comfortable with.

Keep It Short

Pay attention to the sound of the name. Experts suggest keeping your dog name short and choppy. Dogs prefer short sounds and respond quicker. If you love the name Huckleberry, you might want to consider calling her Huck instead.

Experts also believe that names with a hard consonant sound like ‘k’ or ‘c’ help dogs learn quicker as they’re able to distinguish the sound of such words from the surrounding sounds. Also, you must avoid names that sound similar to the universal commands. For example, names like ‘Shay’ or ‘Ray’ can be mistaken for the command ‘stay’, while ‘Kit’ can be confused with ‘sit’ and ‘Fletch’ with ‘fetch’.

However, if you’re adamant on a long name because you’ve always dreamt of giving that name to your dog, consider keeping a shorter nickname as well. It is better for their training and personality development.  

Avoid Offense and Embarrassment

Do not pick a name for your dog that others would find embarrassing or offensive. This includes cultural and racial slurs, slang terms, general insults, or curse words. You may call your dog whatever you like out of love, but naming them ‘Fartface’ or ‘Poophead’ would be embarrassing when you introduce her to your friends, take her out for a walk, or go for vet visits.

Similarly, giving a human name to your dog can be offensive to people with the same name. Molly, Lucy, Jack, and Charlie are some of the most common human names that we give our dogs. And while Uncle Charlie may love that your new husky pup is Charlie too, your cousin Lucy may be offended by it. Even though the practice of choosing human names for your dog is quite common, just make sure you are not offending someone in your close circle.  

Final Words

I hope you are able to find the perfect name for your girl dog from our list. If a name brings you joy when you call her, know that you’ve found the best fit for both you and your little canine buddy.  


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