300 Awesome Hunting Dog Names

Hunting dogs are the most majestic and loyal dogs. Several modern breeds find their origins in hunting. These dogs include terriers, hounds, cur-type dogs, and gun dogs. There’s a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and personalities among hunting dogs ranging from dogs to dachshunds and beagles.

We’ve gathered a list of the best hunting dog names. There are enough names to fit any dog, from a tough Zeus to a spunky Huckleberry! The hunting dog names are selected to match the active, alert, and sporty temperament of working dogs.

 In this guide, we’ve listed unique names handpicked by digging through numerous databases.

Let’s explore.  

Dog Names Inspired by Weapons

Hunting and firearms go hand in hand. Guns and weapons can inspire a unique name for your little hunter.  

The hunter dog is an indispensable asset in challenging missions. For instance, if you want your puppy to reflect their power, the name it Ammo. 

Here’s a list of hunting names: 

Beretta – An Italian firearms company makes a unique name for a female hunting dog.

Bullet – Here goes the bullet! This is a strong hunting name for both male and female dogs.

Colt – This firearms company has been making weapons in the United States since the 1800s.

Gauge – The gauge of a weapon is a unit to measure the diameter of the barrel. It’s also a fierce and powerful dog name.

Glock  – A pistol

Gunner – A term for someone who operates cannon.

Hammer – Part of a weapon that converts stored-up energy to fire a projectile.

Kimber – This is an American firearm manufacturer.

Magnum – This is a gun.

Musket – Looking for a super cool moniker for your dog? Musket is a muzzle-loaded, firearm.

Nelli – This Italian firearm manufacturer is known for shotguns used law enforcement, military, and civilians globally.

Powder – Gun powder creates an explosion that propelling the bullet and makes a perfect hunting dog name.

Remington (Remmy) – Remington Arms Company is a leading American manufacturer of ammunition.

Ruger – The Ruger company produces high-quality firearms.

Sauer – A German firearm company.

Smith – Smith & Wesson is a firearm and ammunition manufacturer in Massachusetts.

Tank – Tank gun makes an ideal name for a hunting dog.

Trigger – Pull the trigger!

Wesson – Smith & Wesson is a firearm and ammunition manufacturer in Massachusetts.

Winchester – A regal name for a dominant hunting dog! 

Winchester Arms Company is a prominent American manufacturer for repeating firearms.

Derringer – This handgun is subtle yet powerful.

Hunting Dog Names Inspired by other Animals

The animal kingdom can inspire you since it’s packed with great hunters. For instance, an Eagle is one of the most powerful hunters in the wilderness. Eagles are precise, powerful, and versatile – qualities you want your puppy to have!

For a big and dominating dog breed, you can choose the name: Bear. They’re fiery hunters and make an ideal hunting dog name.

You can also name your hunting dog after its cousin, the mighty Coyote. This wild dog is also an efficient hunter and can represent the true essence of your puppy.

Lastly, you could also opt for Dingo; a fierce dog from Australia.

Can’t decide which one to go with? Here’s a list of other animal-inspired names for your dog!

Buck – A buck is the male of antlered animals that are commonly hunted.

Drake – (male mallard) Duck hunting is a popular hobby.

Finch – They aren’t hunters but have an adorable name!

Fox – We adore this name. Foxes are quick and athletic, great qualities for a hunting dog.

Hawk – Hawks are agile and robust hunters.

Lynx – A medium-sized wild cat.

Tiger – Tiger is a tough and strong animal.

Wolf – A wolf is a tough canine hunter.

Names Inspired by Appellatives

Hunting dogs receive appellatives that can make great monikers.

For example, if you own Greyhound – one of the fastest hunting dog breeds bred in the Middle East, you can name it Blaze. It’s a well-known name that hunting dogs receive. On the other hand, you could opt for Bolt or Dash. 

These can be ideal names for racer dogs like the Afghan hound and Saluki.

You could also name your dog Scout – a popular name for racer hunting dogs. Caliber is another cool name for powerful hunting dogs that never get tired!

List of Bow-Hunting Dog Names

Here’s a list of unique monikers for your dog.

Arrow – Weapon used for hunting.

Bear – Compound Bow

Bow – Main hunting tool

Bull (Bulls-eye) – A great shot

Cam – Part of the compound bow

Fletch – the vanes of an arrow, short for fletching,

Hawkeye – The marvel archer

Hoyt – An Archery brand

Legolas – Elf from Lord of the Rings with a bow

Link – Hero of Zelda video games

Matthews – A bow brand

Robin – As in Robin Hood

More Ideas for Hunting Dog Names

You can find boundless inspiration for hunting dog names in this guide. Here are name ideas for your obedient and robust dog:

Beast – Inspires strength and courage.

Blitz – This military term serves as a unique hunting dog name.

Bolt – A good hunting dog is speedy and athletic.

Brutus – Tough and Hilarious.

Cabela – This store is a mecca for hunters.

Dash – Apt for hunting dogs that are fast and agile.

Diesel – Diesel gives an intense flare of toughness and rebellion.

General – If your dog is athletic and commanding, this is an ideal name.

Jag – A tough name for a hunting dog.

Justice – Hunting dogs are famous for being righteous and strong.

King – This regal name is perfect for hunting dogs.

Legend – This is unique and fun name for your confident hunting dog.

Mack – Mack is a tough and tenacious name.

Maverick – Eccentric or maverick is someone who takes an independent stance.

Max – This name is a popular choice for male dogs.

Outlaw – Outlaw is a bold choice and a rebellious name for dogs.

Porter – This is a cool hunting dog name.

Rex – This is a classic hunting dog name.

Shiloh – This name is the quintessential dog name.

Spike – This name is cute, lovable, and tough at the same time!

Rambo – This is an iconic, and tough Sylvester Stallone character.

Rebel – Great name for kick-butt, rebellious pups.

Rocky – The strong boxer played by Sylvester Stallone.

Rogue – A rebellious, unique name.

Ryder – A strong and fashionable moniker.

Sarge – This is a tough and commanding name for your furry-friend.

Scooter – A cool and stylish hunting dog name.

Spartan – A society in ancient Greece that conquered Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

Walker – The Walker Texas Ranger!

Wolverine – If you’re a sci-fi nerd who loves to hunt, this name combines the two worlds.

Hunting Dog Names Inspired by Nature

If you like spending time outdoors, these nature-inspired names are ideal for your hunting dog!

Aurora – Aurora Borealis, known as the Northern Lights.

Dawn – Hunting always starts at the crack of dawn!

Meadow – Hunting takes place in fields and meadows.

River – You can hunt near a river.

Sunny – This is a positive and bright name for a loyal hunting dog.

Sky – Hunters spend hours under the sky on their hunting trip!

Stormy – We love this stormy and robust name for hunting dogs.

Thunder – This name reflects strength and power – a perfect moniker for a hunting dog.

Willow – This original moniker is inspired by willows and shrubs found abundantly in nature.

Mythology-inspired Hunting Dog Names

It’s no surprise there is an abundance of hunters and warriors in ancient mythology. Let’s explore our list of mythology-inspired hunting dog names.

Artemis – In ancient Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the war.

Athena – Athena was good at everything, including hunting and war strategy. She was known for her strength, wisdom, and athleticism.

Apollo – The god Apollo rocked at everything, too. One of his biggest strengths was archery.

Hercules – Being half god and half man, Hercules is known for his great strength. This makes a majestic and unique hunting dog name!

Olympia – In ancient Greece, Greeks organized a Celtic festival to honor Zeus. It took place in a place called Olympia, and the term Olympics was coined.  

Orion – Orion was a huntsman placed in the stars as the constellation of Orion by Zeus.

Nyx – The Greek goddess of the night, Nyx is a shadow-figure in Greek mythology.

Xena – Xena is known as the warrior princess in Greek mythology.

Zeus – This makes an ideal hunting dog name!

Names Inspired by Famous Hunters and Shooters

Lastly, let’s take a look at real-life legends famous for their hunting prowess. These make powerful hunting dog monikers!

Aldo – Aldo Leopold was an ecologist, environmentalist, and a hunter based in America.

Annie – Annie Oakley, an American sharpshooter, stunned exhibition crowds in the early 20th century.

Davy – Davy Crockett was a 19th-century folk hero known as the “king of the wild frontier.”

Crockett – A similar alternative

Boone – Daniel Boone is an American pioneer popular for his hunting skills.

Cody – William Buffalo Cody was a powerful bison hunter from the Wild West.

Jesse – Jesse James, a famous outlaw, knew his way around a firearm.

Roosevelt – American President Theodore Roosevelt was also a hunter famous for protecting the land.

Saxton – Saxton Pope was a popular bow-hunter in Yellowstone.

Winston – English Prime Minister who loved to hunt.

Wyatt – One of the most famous sheriffs in the old west, Wyatt Earp took part in the gunfight at the O.K Corral as the town marshal from Tombstone, Arizona.

Fishing Dog Names

If you’re a fan of fishing and hunting, these fishing dog names make an ideal choice!

Berkley – This is a fishing line.

Brook – This is a small stream.

Captain – Ship Captain

Cisco – This is a famous fishing brand.

Croix – This is pronounced as Croy.

Finn – This is a part of the fish.

Gill – a respiratory organ in fish essential for breathing.

Keeper – a good one name if your hunting dog is loyal!

Kota – Kota motors.

Lindy – a tackle brand.

Lunker – It’s a huge fish.

Oakley – This is a sunglasses brand.

Pike – This is a species of carnivorous fish, apt for hunting dogs.

Ranger – A popular boat name.

Rigger – setting up the sails.

Rip – A fast pull on the rod.


Skipper / Skip

Spinner – This is a fishing lure with a blade.


Male Hunting Dog Names










Female Hunting Dog Names











Final Thoughts 

Take the names shared into consideration to find the ideal moniker for your dog. Having a hunting dog is a fantastic experience. The relationship between the dog and owner deepens when you find the ideal name. 

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